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About 0x Protocol

The 0x protocol is an open source, permissionless protocol designed to facilitate low friction peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based tokens. By serving as a common infrastructure for relayers, 0x enables anyone to operate a decentralized exchange.

The Problem 0x Solves

Centralized exchanges have been the primary method for exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, they present a number of issues. Exchange downtime can prevent users from trading at critical moments. Centralized exchanges are also susceptible to security vulnerabilities like hacking, as they represent a single point of failure. High fees and limited access for some users further compound these issues.

Decentralized exchanges help resolve the issues inherent to centralized models. However, early decentralized exchanges faced liquidity issues and poor user experiences. This is the problem 0x sought to address.

How 0x Works

The 0x protocol combines off-chain order books with on-chain settlement to facilitate exchange without relinquishing control of funds. Users can place orders via a relayer. 0x allows relayers to pool liquidity and enables sharing of public order books.

When an order is matched, 0x uses an Ethereum smart contract to atomicly swap the tokens between counterparties. This ensures exchange is instant and trustless. No funds are held by relayers at any point.

0x Token (ZRX)

The 0x protocol employs its native token ZRX to incentivize market makers to add liquidity. Owners of ZRX can vote on protocol upgrades and help govern the ecosystem. ZRX is also used to pay trading fees to relayers.

The token captures value as the network grows. With increasing use of 0x for decentralized exchange, demand for ZRX will rise. This will be fueled by its value in community governance and ability to access liquidity.

0x Protocol Features

Some key features of the 0x protocol include:

  • Permissionless – anyone can integrate with 0x to build relayers and other services
  • Multiple relayers – 0x allows different exchanges to tap into shared liquidity
  • On-chain settlement – trades occur via smart contracts, keeping funds secure
  • ERC-20 compatible – supports exchange of major Ethereum tokens
  • Modular design – custom plug-ins enable features like order books
  • Governance – ZRX tokens let holders vote on upgrades

0x Protocol Use Cases

There are many potential use cases for 0x:

  • Decentralized exchanges – Build relayers for trustless, low cost token trading
  • Lending platforms – Instant exchange enables efficient loan funding
  • Payments – Facilitates transactions between different tokens
  • Token issuance – Projects can distribute tokens through 0x relayers
  • Prediction markets – Event derivatives can be created and traded
  • Gaming & NFTs – Fast swaps enhance usability across many applications

The modular nature of 0x allows it to be leveraged creatively in many spheres involving Ethereum assets.

The 0x Team

0x was founded in October 2016 by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali. Warren previously applied learnings in real-time trading markets working at Scaleform and Trulia. Bandeali’s background is in fixed income trading.

The project is funded by investors including Pantera Capital, Blockchain Capital and Fintech Collective. The 0x core team is based in San Francisco and comprises engineers with backgrounds at Facebook, Google, Pinterest and other leading technology companies.

The Future of 0x Protocol

0x aims to become the standard infrastructure for decentralized exchange. By enabling shared liquidity pools, 0x could help realize the vision of a global open financial system.

Upgrades like staking are planned to further incentivize liquidity providers. There are also proposals to add support for lending and derivative markets. Community governance will allow 0x to evolve new capabilities aligned with user needs.

Interoperability with networks like Polkadot could greatly expand the reach of the protocol. As decentralized finance matures, 0x is well positioned to play a foundational role powering markets and exchange.


The 0x project demonstrates how purpose-built cryptographic protocols can solve problems faced in traditional finance. Permissionless exchange helps realize the possibilities of an open, trustless economy. With its network effects and focus on efficient markets, 0x looks set to become a key component of tomorrow’s decentralized financial infrastructure.


0x Protocol (ZRX) is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows anyone to build decentralized exchanges or integrate exchange functionality into apps.

0x Protocol was founded in October 2016 by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali. Warren previously worked at Google while Bandeali was at ConsenSys. The two recognized some flaws with existing decentralized exchanges and created 0x as a solution.

0x Protocol functions through the use of off-chain order relay with on-chain settlement. This allows orders to be broadcast off the blockchain while still relying on the Ethereum network to settle trades. Relayers can host order books or develop marketplaces while 0x handles exchange settlement.

The 0x Protocol is used to power decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that offer exchange features. For example, it enables peer-to-peer crypto trading or can provide liquidity pools for decentralized finance (DeFi) apps.

0x Protocol’s native token ZRX can be purchased on major exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and KuCoin among others. ZRX is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are a few good options for storing ZRX safely. One popular mobile wallet is IronWallet which allows you to retain control of your private keys while accessing DeFi apps. Hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger provide offline storage. You could also use a software wallet like MetaMask.

A key differentiator of 0x is its focus on allowing third-party development on top of its protocol. This creates an ecosystem of developers building on 0x. It also does not have order books in its core protocol, unlike some other DEX platforms.

0x Protocol’s ZRX token cannot be mined. All 1 billion ZRX tokens were created at inception through a token sale event. ZRX incentives network participants but it is not minable like proof-of-work coins.

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