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About Bone ShibaSwap

The cryptocurrency market has seen tremendous growth and evolution over the past few years. One project that has gained significant popularity is Shiba Inu, which started as a meme coin but has now grown into a robust ecosystem. A key component of this ecosystem is Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), the governance token that powers the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Bone and analyze its utility and potential.

Overview of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem

Shiba Inu was launched in August 2020 as an Ethereum-based alternative to Dogecoin. It quickly amassed a large community driven by its meme appeal. The developers expanded the project by launching ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange, in July 2021.

ShibaSwap enabled users to stake their Shiba Inu coins to provide liquidity and earn rewards. It also introduced two new tokens – LEASH and BONE. This three-token system provides the foundation for Shiba Inu’s evolution into a full-fledged ecosystem beyond just a meme coin.

What is BONE and its Purpose

BONE is the governance token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It allows holders to vote on important proposals and decide the future development of ShibaSwap. BONE also provides incentives to liquidity providers on ShibaSwap in the form of rewards.

The total supply of BONE is 250 million. But only 105 million BONE will enter circulation organically through liquidity mining. The remaining 45% will be unlocked gradually to maintain healthy tokenomics.

By enabling community ownership, BONE aims to build a sustainable ecosystem that aligns incentives between regular users and developers. Good governance is essential as the project grows in scale and complexity.

How to Earn BONE Tokens

There are two primary ways to earn BONE tokens:

Staking/Liquidity Mining: Stake Shib, LEASH, or ETH-BONE LP tokens on ShibaSwap to earn BONE as rewards. 67% of the total BONE supply will be distributed to stakers and liquidity providers.

Doggy DAO: Participate in Doggy DAO by providing proposals and suggestions to improve the ecosystem. Active contributors can earn BONE rewards.

BONE rewards are determined by the amount staked and length of time locked in. ShibaSwap also introduces calculation periods and reward cycles to manage supply.

BONE Token Distribution and Supply

Here is the distribution and release schedule of the 250 million BONE supply:

  • 67% to Liquidity Providers and Stakers as Incentives
  • 15% to DAO Community Rewards
  • 8% to Developer Rewards
  • 10% Unlocked on Ecosystem Establishment

The Shiba Inu team will retain only 15% of the total supply. 67% will go to the community as liquidity mining rewards. This ensures broad decentralization and community ownership.

Using BONE for Voting and Governance

BONE allows holders to actively participate in the Doggy DAO and influence decisions. Users can create proposals and vote on issues like:

  • Development Fund Allocation
  • Introduction of New Features
  • Changes to Fee Structures
  • Listing of New Token Pairs
  • Ecosystem Expansion Plans

Votes are weighted by BONE balance, so users with more tokens have greater voting power. The DAO creates full transparency into how ShibaSwap evolves.

Staking BONE for Rewards

In addition to governance rights, BONE also provides holders the opportunity to earn rewards by staking their tokens.

Users can stake BONE on ShibaSwap to earn returns in treats, another token used for rewards. Staking BONE also provides xSUSHI-style rewards by allowing stakers to earn a portion of the trading fees from ShibaSwap.

Introducing staking creates additional token utility and a stable source of passive income for BONE holders. It incentivizes investors to lock in their tokens for longer time horizons.

The Growth Potential for BONE

As the key governance token of ShibaSwap, BONE has tremendous growth potential moving forward. Here are some of the key factors:

  • Expanding Shiba Inu ecosystem creates new use cases for BONE
  • Greater adoption of DeFi and governance tokens overall
  • Speculation and trading driven by community hype
  • Active development and innovations on ShibaSwap
  • Scarcity driven by limited supply and liquidity mining

If ShibaSwap establishes itself as a top DEX, BONE could capture significant value as its platform token. Community excitement about the project also creates strong momentum.

Risks and Challenges for BONE

Despite its promise, BONE also faces several risks worth considering:

  • High competition in the crowded DeFi space from other DEX platforms
  • Regulatory uncertainty around governance tokens
  • Potential for concentration of tokens if early adopters hoard supply
  • Volatility and speculation that comes with being a new asset
  • Complex tokenomics could impact long-term viability

Maintaining growth and user traction on ShibaSwap will be critical for BONE. The team also needs to ensure decentralized governance doesn’t lead to gridlock down the road.


Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) is the governance token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It allows holders to vote on proposals and changes to the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. BONE also rewards liquidity providers on ShibaSwap.

Bone ShibaSwap was founded as part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The creators of Shiba Inu launched ShibaSwap and BONE in 2021. The founding team remains pseudonymous.

Bone ShibaSwap operates through the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. BONE tokens allow users to participate in governing the exchange and earn rewards for providing liquidity.

BONE has two primary use cases: governance and earning rewards. BONE holders can stake their tokens to vote on proposals for the ShibaSwap ecosystem. Staking BONE also generates returns from exchange fees.

BONE can be purchased on several major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. The full list is available on CoinMarketCap. Always research before choosing an exchange.

As a cryptocurrency asset, it’s important to store BONE securely. Options include hardware wallets like Ledger and non-custodial mobile wallets like IronWallet. Be sure to control your own private keys.

Bone ShibaSwap differs from other governance tokens by being part of the popular Shiba Inu ecosystem. The project has robust community support which helps drive adoption.

No, BONE cannot be mined. The maximum supply was created at launch. BONE can only be obtained by providing liquidity on ShibaSwap or purchasing on exchanges.

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