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Non-custodian wallet that helps you to find the best opportunities in the crypto world
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About Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol is a platform leveraging Ethereum technology to democratize access to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Constructed atop the Ethereum blockchain, it utilizes smart contracts for handling payments, identities, and reputations.

Its mission is to enhance the autonomy of individuals and communities through promoting decentralized trading and direct peer interactions, eliminating the need for middlemen or corporate entities.

Origins and Founding Team

The inception of Origin Protocol can be attributed to Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu. Fraser, who has been programming since his youth, entered the cryptocurrency space in 2011 and is known for founding Torbit, a company enhancing web performance, which was later acquired by Walmart Labs. Liu, who polished his engineering skills at Stanford, has been a part of the crypto world since 2014, even contributing to Ethereum’s initial crowd-sale the same year. Yu Pan, who played a pivotal role in creating PayPal and served at Google, is also a key figure behind Origin, serving as its founding engineer.

Leading the investment round for Origin was Pantera Capital, with significant contributions from Foundation Capital, Blocktower, and notable individuals like Steve Chen, the mind behind YouTube, Alexis Ohanian, one of Reddit’s creators, and Y Combinator’s partner, Garry Tan.

How Origin Protocol Works

Origin Protocol is distinguished by its two primary offerings: Origin Story and Origin Dollar. Origin Story is a comprehensive solution for NFT marketplaces, providing tools that span across numerous sectors. This includes an all-encompassing analytics dashboard, collective marketplace views, enhanced purchasing journeys, and customizable designs. Additional features like exclusive access via token, soulbound tokens, support for multiple file types, NFT bidding processes, and more, are also part of the offering. On the other hand, Origin Dollar, the platform’s own stablecoin, is designed to accrue potential earnings from DeFi activities. These earnings are exclusive to the users’ wallets, with the smart contract-held funds amplifying the potential financial gains. The Origin Token (OGN) plays a crucial role in governance and the economic ecosystem of Origin Platform, empowering holders with voting rights on key decisions.

OGN Token and its Utility

The Origin Token (OGN) stands as the core utility and governance token for the Origin Story platform, functioning within the ERC-20 token standard framework. It enables holders to engage in governance processes and stake their tokens, with staking participants benefiting from the platform’s revenue. Through the decentralized application (DApp) and staking contracts, OGN stakers gain access to rewards in a decentralized manner, with possibilities to earn ETH fees and OGN bonuses as part of the staking rewards program.

Beyond OGN, the Origin Protocol ecosystem includes two more tokens: OUSD, a decentralized stablecoin that yields earnings, and OGV, a governance token specifically for the Origin Dollar. Holding OGV allows users to collect staking rewards, receive transaction fees generated by OUSD, and engage in the platform’s governance, especially when staked long-term to acquire veOGV. Furthermore, Origin Protocol implements strategic buybacks of OGV tokens at intervals to manage its supply and enhance its value. The total supply of OGN is limited to 1 billion tokens.

How to Purchase and Store Origin Protocol Tokens (OGN)

For users interested in the Origin platform, OGN tokens can be purchased and stored as follows:

  • Exchanges – OGN is listed on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io for direct fiat or crypto purchases.
  • Wallets – OGN tokens can be stored in any wallet supporting ERC-20 tokens like IronWallet, Trust Wallet or Ledger hardware wallets. Cold storage provides the highest security.
  • Earning OGN – Tokens can be earned directly by participating in Origin marketplaces, completing tasks, staking OGN and more. Referral codes provide signup bonuses.

As decentralized services see increasing demand, OGN aims to be a key utility token powering peer-to-peer marketplaces. Storing tokens safely while engaging with the ecosystem allows supporting this new model.

Is Origin Protocol (OGN) a Good Investment?

Origin Protocol aims to disrupt the sharing economy by enabling decentralized peer-to-peer marketplaces.

The potential upside is huge if Origin succeeds in decentralizing mainstream sectors. However, adoption is still at an early stage. The team has delivered working products but significant growth is still needed.

OGN, its utility token, powers transactions, rewards and governance on the platform. As more users join, demand for OGN should increase. But speculation is currently driving most of its value.

OGN offers exposure to the decentralized sharing economy’s growth. But competitors are also targeting this space. Execution risks remain in turning Origin’s vision into reality.

For investors with higher risk tolerance, OGN provides an early stage opportunity. However, it’s unclear yet if Origin will become a dominant player in its competitive landscape. More progress on adoption is needed to evaluate potential returns.

In summary, OGN is a speculative investment at this stage. It provides upside if Origin succeeds – but faces risks as a new platform with unproven adoption. Careful evaluation of technology, progress and competitive environment is advised before committing investment funds.


Origin Protocol (OGN) is a blockchain platform designed to enable decentralized marketplaces and e-commerce applications. It leverages Ethereum blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, removing the need for intermediaries. This approach aims to reduce fees and increase transparency and access to the global market.

Origin Protocol was founded by Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu, two entrepreneurs with a vision to harness the power of blockchain for creating decentralized marketplaces. Their backgrounds in technology and entrepreneurship have been pivotal in shaping Origin Protocol’s strategic direction.

The OGN token can be purchased on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including but not limited to Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Huobi. Potential buyers should research and choose exchanges that offer the best security, liquidity, and regulatory compliance.

For safely storing OGN tokens, a reliable option is the IronWallet cold mobile wallet. This type of wallet offers enhanced security by storing tokens offline, significantly reducing the risk of hacks and unauthorized access.

Mining OGN Token is not possible in the traditional sense of cryptocurrency mining. OGN is a pre-mined token, meaning its total supply was created at launch. Instead of mining, stakeholders can engage in staking OGN tokens to support the network and earn rewards, contributing to the ecosystem’s security and governance.

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