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About Axie Infinity

In a digital arena reminiscent of Pokémon and Tamagotchi, Axie Infinity emerges as a groundbreaking decentralized game, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to deliver a multifaceted experience across Android, iOS, and PC platforms. This innovative title offers enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in the collection, breeding, nurturing, and trading of ‘axies,’ unique creatures represented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). At the core of Axie Infinity’s allure is its ‘play-to-earn’ paradigm, presenting players with a lucrative proposition: excel in gameplay to potentially earn tokens or breed exotic monster NFTs, which can be traded for real-world currency, blending gaming passion with financial incentive.

Origins and Development of Axie Infinity

In 2018, the Vietnamese gaming studio Sky Mavis unveiled Axie Infinity, a brainchild of co-founders Trung Thanh Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen. The enterprise is steered by Trung, a former software engineer who now presides as CEO, and Aleksander Larsen, the COO, whose résumé boasts a history as a competitive gamer for Norway’s national teams in Warcraft 3 and DotA, alongside his business development acumen.

The 40-strong cadre dedicated to Axie Infinity has been pivotal in its evolution, introducing significant enhancements that bolster the game’s functionality. The year 2022 promises exciting developments, with the anticipated rollout of land gameplay still in the testing phase, and the introduction of AXS staking, marking a new chapter in the platform’s expansion.

How Does Axie Infinity Work?

Axie Infinity revolutionizes gaming with its open-ended universe where players engage in real-time battles, trade Axies, and manage tokenized assets like land. This digital realm thrives on core activities: battling, trading, and collecting Axies, enhanced by kingdom-building on virtual land, enriching the game’s ecosystem.

  1. Battling: Axies, categorized into classes like Aquatic, Beast, or even rare types like Dawn, engage in strategic combat, influencing their market value.
  2. Trading: Unique Axies, especially the coveted Mystics from the original batch, become valuable collector’s items, trading for substantial sums on the marketplace.
  3. Breeding: Players can breed Axies to produce new variants with distinct traits, guided by genetics and breeding limits, adding depth to the gameplay.
  4. Land Management: In Lunacia, the game’s world, players acquire and develop land plots—NFTs that can yield in-game rewards and serve as bases for Axies.

With these dynamic elements, Axie Infinity offers a rich, interactive experience, merging gaming with blockchain technology.

Axie Infinity and Play-to-Earn

The play-to-earn (P2E) model, a novel approach in gaming, compensates players for their contributions to the game’s ecosystem, diverging from the traditional freemium model where starting is free, but advancement costs. Axie Infinity, a frontrunner in P2E, initially required players to purchase three Axies to participate. However, to attract a broader user base, plans for introducing free starter monsters are underway, as per, despite these being less lucrative in earning potential.

Axie Infinity stands out by offering gamers the chance to earn crypto and NFTs through activities like turn-based battles, with the unique twist of owning in-game assets like characters and land. This ownership is authenticated through NFTs, ensuring players can trade their assets or secure them in wallets like Trust Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, or the Axie-specific Ronin Wallet. This model not only enhances player engagement but also vests them with control over the game’s economy, marking Axie Infinity as a self-sustained digital universe.

AXS and SLP Tokens

In the thriving digital landscape of Axie Infinity, two cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP), form the backbone of its economy. AXS, the primary currency, not only facilitates player rewards and platform governance but has also ascended as a leading currency in the metaverse domain.

Gamers can accumulate AXS by engaging in the diverse gameplay and contributing to the community-driven content within the Axie Infinity universe. Holding AXS tokens unlocks further benefits, including staking rewards, gameplay perks, and a voice in decision-making processes affecting the game’s future. Meanwhile, SLP tokens, essential for breeding new Axie creatures, are obtained through gameplay, reinforcing a play-to-earn model. This dual-token ecosystem underpins a dynamic and participatory virtual economy, reflecting Axie Infinity’s innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology with gaming.

Axie Infinity Marketplace: Navigating the Digital Trade Hub

Axie Infinity’s groundbreaking play-to-earn model has revolutionized gaming, turning it into a lucrative endeavor and introducing the Axie Infinity Marketplace. This hub is vital for trading Axie NFTs, where players buy and sell creatures and land plots, the latter of which can be enhanced with items from the auction house.

Despite its appeal, newcomers might find the marketplace daunting, and high traffic occasionally leads to server strain, causing temporary glitches like marketplace outages. In such events, troubleshooting tips include restarting the computer, reconnecting to a Ronin wallet, or attempting alternative purchasing methods. These steps help navigate the bustling digital marketplace of Axie Infinity, ensuring a smoother transactional experience.

How to play Axie Infinity?

To dive into the Axie Infinity ecosystem, registration at its official marketplace is your first move, primarily for trading Axies using Ethereum. Initiate your journey by acquiring three Axies, setting the stage for gameplay.

  1. Purchase Ethereum (ETH): Utilize a crypto exchange like Binance to buy ETH.
  2. Set Up Wallets: Establish a MetaMask wallet, then transfer your ETH to a Ronin Wallet using the Ronin Bridge.
  3. Access Axie Marketplace: With your Ronin Wallet, log into the Axie Marketplace.
  4. Acquire Axies: Purchase a minimum of three Axies to start playing.
  5. Download the Game: Get the Axie Infinity client from the official site.

This streamlined process equips you with the essentials to embark on the Axie Infinity adventure, blending gaming with blockchain technology.


AXS tokens, the native currency of Axie Infinity, can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Uniswap, and Coinbase. Always be cautious and do thorough research before investing in any digital assets.

The AXS tokens can be stored in a variety of cryptocurrency wallets that support Ethereum-based tokens. For a more secure and non-custodial storage option, consider using IronWallet. It’s vital to own your private keys for maximum control over your assets.

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