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About WINkLink

WINkLink represents the inaugural decentralized oracle within the TRON ecosystem, striving to bridge the gap between the real world and blockchain environments. Its objective is to supply trustworthy data streams to facilitate the operation of smart contracts. Through WINklink Oracle, developers have the capability to access data from the real world, linking these data feeds with smart contracts.

How WINkLink Works

WINkLink (WIN) serves as a bridge facilitating data transfer between the TRON blockchain and centralized systems, enabling the exchange of information across these platforms.

Blockchain and conventional computing systems, despite being relatively modern, inherently lack interoperability. Actions performed on a blockchain, for example, cannot be directly recorded onto a centralized system like a web server. While this mismatch might seem inconsequential at first, it potentially hinders broader acceptance of blockchain technology.

The data format on a blockchain differs from that on centralized systems, primarily because blockchain data is encrypted. Only within the blockchain environment can public and private keys be utilized, preventing centralized systems from accessing this encrypted data. Additionally, blockchains often employ distinct programming languages and protocols, such as Solidity for Ethereum smart contracts, and various token standards like ERC20 for Ethereum tokens, ERC721 for Ethereum-based NFTs, and BEP20 for Binance Smart Chain tokens.

WINkLink plays a critical role in verifying data before its integration into the blockchain, assuring users and developers of the data’s accuracy and reliability. Moreover, WINkLink facilitates the transfer of information from smart contracts to centralized systems, thus enabling data exchange between blockchain and traditional software developers.

Use cases for WINkLink Oracle

WINkLink Oracle’s practical applications include:

  • Supplying DeFi platforms with reliable price data: Decentralized applications (DApps) depend on accurate pricing for functions like token exchanges and securing loans. WINkLink’s inherent price oracle system delivers consistent and trustworthy pricing information to those developing DeFi applications.
  • Facilitating access to external data for broader use cases: WINkLink enables the integration of external, real-world data into smart contracts, supporting a range of applications from weather forecasting to sports and gaming.
  • Providing secure random number generation: WINkLink offers a secure and verifiable source of randomness, essential for DApps requiring fair and untamperable random number generation, thereby enhancing the integrity of these operations.

WIN Token and Tokenomics

WINkLink operates with its proprietary token known as WIN, which utilizes the TRC20 protocol. The WIN token plays multiple roles in the WINkLink ecosystem:

  • It grants governance rights, enabling holders to participate in decision-making processes for WINkLink’s future;
  • It is used for settling transaction fees within the WINkLink system;
  • It serves as a reward mechanism for nodes contributing to the WINkLink network;
  • It facilitates access to and usage of the oracle services.

As of August 22, 2022, WINkLink’s total token count stands at approximately 993.7 billion, with about 961.7 billion tokens in circulation, representing around 96% of the total supply.


WINkLink (WIN) is a decentralized oracle network on the TRON blockchain, aiming to connect real-world data with smart contracts. This bridge enables blockchain applications to access and integrate real-world information, facilitating more comprehensive and applicable decentralized applications.

WINkLink operates by sourcing data from the outside world and integrating it into the blockchain. It uses a decentralized network of nodes to fetch, verify, and relay information, ensuring that the data feeding into smart contracts is accurate and reliable.

WINkLink is primarily used to provide external data to decentralized applications (DApps) on the TRON network. This includes data for DeFi platforms, such as price feeds for tokens, and other information like weather statistics, sports results, or market data, enhancing the functionality and responsiveness of DApps.

Wink coin operates as a decentralized cryptocurrency, adhering to the TRC-20 standard. This ensures that it is encrypted and safeguarded against duplication or hacking. The security of the token is inherently robust, with the user’s selection of cryptocurrency wallet and storage method being the critical factors in ensuring its safety.

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