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About TrueUSD

TrueUSD is a USD-backed stablecoin that was launched in March 2018. Each TUSD token is backed by one US dollar held in escrow accounts of multiple trust companies. This collateral model provides the price stability that TUSD promises. The token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and adheres to the ERC-20 standard.

The core premise of TrueUSD is to facilitate a token that offers the speed and flexibility of cryptocurrencies while maintaining price parity with the US dollar. This helps mitigate volatility risk and enhances its utility for practical financial applications.

Launch and History

TrueUSD was launched by the TrustToken platform, which aims to create stablecoin tokens pegged to real-world assets. The team included finance and technology veterans from Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Google.

Within two months of launch, TrueUSD reached a market cap of $21 million. It was the first regulated stablecoin to be independently verified by third party attestations. This emphasis on regulation and transparency helped build trust in TrueUSD’s backing model early on.

Understanding the Essence of Stablecoins

To truly comprehend the function and utility of the TrueUSD (TUSD) token, it’s fundamental to first understand the essence of stable coins in the cryptocurrency realm. Stable coins like TUSD are digital currencies designed to minimize the volatilities often associated with cryptocurrencies, by pegging their value directly to a reserve of real-world assets, in this case, the US Dollar. So, for every TUSD, there’s an actual U.S. Dollar held in a trusted financial institution. This essentially means TUSD inherits the stability of the traditional currencies, as well as absorbs the encrypted, and decentralized properties of cryptocurrencies. This hybrid functionality allows you to make quick transactions, without the fear of dramatic value changes inherent in most cryptocurrencies. One might view it as a technological effort to bridge the gap between the decentralized blockchain technology and the conventional monetary system. As we progress further in this digital age, comprehension of such digital innovations is invaluable.

How TrueUSD works

TrueUSD (TUSD) operates by leveraging smart contracts, allowing for the digital representation of the U.S. dollar. It supports four blockchain standards: ERC-20 (Ethereum), TRC-20 (TRON), BEP-20 (BNB Chain), and AVAX C-Chain (Avalanche).

The process begins when someone purchases TUSD using U.S. dollars through the TrustToken platform. This action triggers a smart contract that produces an equivalent amount of TUSD, adding it to the token’s total circulation.

Conversely, when TUSD is redeemed on TrustToken, the corresponding tokens are permanently removed or “burned” from circulation by another smart contract. The user then receives an amount of USD equal to the TUSD redeemed.

Notably, TrustToken doesn’t impose any fees for buying or redeeming TUSD. The company earns its revenue from the interest accrued on U.S. dollars in its reserves.

TrustToken’s system ensures traders can exchange TUSD at a one-to-one rate with USD. This parity offers opportunities for arbitrage in the market, helping to maintain TUSD’s value in line with the U.S. dollar.

Price Stability Mechanism

For every TUSD token in circulation, there is one US dollar held in escrow by multiple trust companies. New tokens are issued only when more USD is deposited into escrow. This 1:1 ratio keeps the peg to USD intact under normal market conditions.

If TUSD trades above $1, arbitrageurs can redeem TUSD from escrow accounts in exchange for the underlying dollars, and profit from the difference. This helps regulate excess demand. If it trades below $1, traders can deposit USD in escrow and mint new TUSD tokens for a profit. This helps shore up excess supply. This arbitrage process maintains parity with USD.

Growing Adoption and Partnerships

TrueUSD adoption has grown quickly in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Over its history, it has been listed on major exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi. It’s trading volume frequently surpasses $500 million per day.

TrueUSD has also forged several partnerships. In May 2018, it partnered with an accounting firm to develop a technical solution for safely redeeming tokens for cash. In 2019, it became a launch partner for the Universal Protocol Alliance ecosystem. Such partnerships continue to expand the utility for TUSD.

Use Cases

The stability mechanisms of TrueUSD unlock several practical applications for the token. These include:

  • Hedging against volatility in crypto markets
  • Enabling stable denomination for loans and credit markets
  • Payment processing where merchants wish to avoid volatility

The partnerships with accounting firms also enable new applications like automating invoices, payroll, rent collection using smart contracts programmed to use TrueUSD.

Regulation and Compliance

As one of the first stablecoins in market, TrueUSD has placed great emphasis on legal compliance right from launch.

It is structured to comply with U.S. money transmission laws and avoid the need for money transmitter licenses at state levels. All escrow agreements are set up to be compliant from a lending perspective as well.

The collateral backing TUSD is also verified by independent third party trust companies and accounting firms. These attestations certify that issued tokens are fully backed by dollars in escrow. This creates transparency and trust in the stability mechanism.

Security and Token Integrity

The developers of TrueUSD have implemented measures designed to ensure token integrity on the technical side as well.

Several smart contracts encode the logic around TUSD – issuing tokens when USD is received, burning tokens when dollars are redeemed. These contracts were audited by third party firms which checked for weaknesses, successfully preventing any issues.

How to Buy and Invest in TrueUSD

Investing in cryptocurrency requires diligence and understanding. Similar to buying traditional assets, purchasing TrueUSD involves certain steps. First, one must engage with a recognized cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken offer access to TrueUSD amongst a myriad of other digital currencies. After setting up an account and going through the verification process, one can deposit traditional fiat currency such as USD onto the exchange. Once your account is funded, you can use your deposited funds to purchase TUSD. Remember, like all investments, you never want to input more money than you can afford to lose.

We recommend in-depth research, discussing with knowledgeable advisors and careful contemplation before deciding to invest into something as volatile yet potentially rewarding as cryptocurrencies. Investing is not about getting rich quickly, but about creating sustainable wealth in the long run through thoughtful strategy and informed decisions. This certainly applies to digital assets such as TrueUSD.

Takeaways on the Promise of TrueUSD

In an evolving landscape, TrueUSD stands out as one of the most promising stablecoins on the market today. Its emphasis on compliance, security, and third party attestations helps establish trust and reliability. The arbitrage-based stability mechanism has largely worked well in maintaining its peg to USD.

Use cases like hedging, lending and payments continue to grow. As cryptocurrencies realize more mainstream adoption, the need for stability tokens like TrueUSD will only increase alongside. Its current trajectory looks bright, and TrueUSD appears poised to lead the stablecoin charge.


TrueUSD (TUSD) is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. Every TUSD in circulation is backed by a dollar held in reserve, which brings stability to its value.

TrueUSD is a product of the TrustToken platform, co-founded by Rafael Cosman, Danny An, and Stephen Kade.

TrueUSD works by representing a real US dollar held in escrow accounts. For every TUSD token issued, there’s a corresponding dollar in reserve, ensuring the stable value of the coin. Periodic audits of these accounts ensure transparency and trustworthiness.

TUSD is primarily used as a stable medium of exchange within the cryptocurrency market. Given its stability, it serves as a hedge against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies, and can also be used for remittances, online transactions, and as a gateway between traditional fiat and digital assets.

TrueUSD can be acquired on a variety of major cryptocurrency exchanges. Always use reputable platforms to make purchases. TrustToken provides a list of official exchange partners.

TrueUSD can be stored securely in most major cryptocurrency wallets that support ERC-20 tokens. This includes hardware wallets, software wallets, and even non-custodial solutions like IronWallet. Always prioritize security when choosing a wallet.

The distinguishing feature of TrueUSD is its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance. The funds backing TUSD are verified by third-party attestations, and the company undergoes regular audits to ensure every TUSD in circulation is backed by a US dollar.

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