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Non-custodian wallet that helps you to find the best opportunities in the crypto world

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Non-custodian wallet that helps you to find the best opportunities in the crypto world
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About Trust Wallet Token

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is the native cryptocurrency of Trust Wallet, a mobile app designed for trading, purchasing, and selling NFTs and digital assets. TWT provides users with an opportunity to own an affordable crypto token directly supported by the Trust Wallet platform.

History of Trust Wallet

In the early days of the ICO boom, Viktor Radchenko’s curiosity was piqued by the challenge of managing a growing portfolio of ERC-20 tokens. This led to the conceptualization of Trust Wallet in September 2017, a project that quickly transitioned from idea to reality. Within a mere three weeks, Radchenko crafted the inaugural mobile application capable of sending and receiving ETH and ERC-20 tokens, marking the birth of Trust Wallet.

By November 2017, Trust Wallet made its grand entrance into the market, swiftly capturing the attention and loyalty of users. Its novel feature, dubbed “automagically tokens,” revolutionized how users interacted with their digital assets, effortlessly revealing any ERC-20 tokens tied to their accounts. The app’s popularity soared, and by March 2018, Radchenko, along with a burgeoning team, committed full-time to enhancing features and managing the surging tide of user support inquiries.

A landmark moment arrived on July 31, 2018, when Binance, a titan in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, recognized Trust Wallet’s potential and acquired it. This acquisition marked a significant expansion of Binance’s service offerings, integrating a secure, on-chain mobile wallet into its ecosystem. Radchenko’s leadership continued post-acquisition, maintaining operational independence to guide Trust Wallet’s journey forward.

Fast forward to 2020, Trust Wallet achieved a milestone, ranking 6th among the most downloaded cryptocurrency apps globally, a testament to its growing prominence and user trust.

Trust Wallet distinguishes itself in the crowded crypto space through its extensive support for various crypto assets, a wide array of blockchain integrations, and a commitment to streamline the user experience. This is achieved by offering a seamless, unified interface for users and providing an open-source framework for developers to innovate and build decentralized applications (DApps). This dual approach has not only solidified Trust Wallet’s position in the market but also underscored its role as a catalyst for broader adoption and technological advancement in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Understanding Trust Wallet

In the digital finance landscape, Trust Wallet stands out as a paragon of security and versatility. This non-custodial wallet app not only supports a myriad of cryptocurrencies across over 70 blockchains but also empowers users with full autonomy over their private keys and assets. With an infrastructure fortified by cold storage options, Trust Wallet ensures that your digital wealth is shielded with the utmost security.

Trust Wallet is synonymous with user empowerment, offering an arsenal of features such as private key storage, comprehensive backup, and recovery solutions, all wrapped in a fortress of wallet security that eschews the vulnerabilities of hot wallets for the impregnable sanctuary of cold storage.

The essence of Trust Wallet lies in its non-custodial nature, heralding a new era of cryptocurrency management where users reign supreme over their digital assets. Unlike custodial wallets, which often compromise control for convenience, Trust Wallet champions a self-custody model, eliminating the reliance on third parties and minimizing the specter of cyber threats and data breaches.

At the heart of Trust Wallet’s innovation is its multi-chain support, seamlessly integrating over 70 blockchain networks, from giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin to emerging stars like Cardano and Solana. This extensive support is a nod to the diverse preferences of the crypto community, ensuring that enthusiasts and investors alike have a one-stop solution for managing their digital assets.

Moreover, Trust Wallet breaks new ground with its customizable token feature, allowing users to augment their portfolio by adding any token via its contract address. This level of customization and control not only simplifies the management of a broad array of digital assets but also reinforces Trust Wallet’s position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency wallet space, offering a harmonious balance between robust security and user-friendly accessibility.

TWT: Addressing Key Challenges

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) addresses several key issues in the cryptocurrency space. Firstly, it prioritizes security by providing users with non-custodial options, ensuring that users maintain control over their digital assets and minimizing the risk of hacks, delays, or losses.

Secondly, TWT aims to simplify the adoption process for new users by serving as an accessible on-and-off ramp. The user-friendly interface enables seamless sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, TWT promotes transparency through its open-source code, allowing users to easily verify transactions and balances using blockchain explorers.

Lastly, TWT tackles the growing concern of privacy in the crypto industry. Unlike exchanges that require personal information, TWT ensures that only the keyholder can access wallet funds, and the company abstains from tracking or selling user data.

How Does Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Work?

At the core of Trust Wallet Token (TWT) lies a participatory governance model, inviting TWT holders to wield influence over the strategic direction of the Trust Wallet app. This democratic approach empowers users to cast their votes on pivotal developments, ranging from forthcoming updates to the integration of new functionalities.

Diverging from the conventional utility of tokens in the broader cryptocurrency market, TWT carves its niche, holding value primarily within its native ecosystem. Within this realm, token holders gain access to exclusive perks, including substantial discounts on cryptocurrency purchases, underscoring TWT’s unique position in the digital currency domain.

Acquiring TWT is an engaging journey, entailing a variety of interactive tasks designed to deepen user engagement. From conquering quizzes to participating in referral programs, and from active trading to staking operations, the pathway to earning TWT is both diverse and rewarding, reflecting the dynamic and user-centric ethos of the Trust Wallet ecosystem.

How Is Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Unique?

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) stands out in the cryptocurrency milieu, anchored to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — a blockchain network celebrated for its smart contract capabilities and cost-efficient transactional framework. TWT benefits from BSC’s streamlined operational structure, enjoying nominal gas fees and rapid transaction confirmations, traits that enhance the appeal of all BSC-based tokens.

As a BEP-20 asset, TWT’s primary mission is to enrich the user experience within the Trust Wallet ecosystem, offering tangible benefits to its community. However, the token’s utility extends beyond this, thanks to its BSC lineage. This integration facilitates TWT’s versatility, enabling it to function as a medium of exchange for services or to be traded for other cryptocurrency assets, showcasing its multifaceted nature in the digital asset arena.

TWT Token and Tokenomics

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) serves as the primary utility token within the Trust Wallet ecosystem. Initially launched as a BEP-20 token, TWT benefits from the responsiveness and scalability of the Binance Smart Chain. Although 90 billion TWT were issued at launch, the team subsequently burned 99% of the tokens, resulting in a current circulating supply of 1 billion TWT, which represents a quarter of the total supply. The token allocation is strategically divided, with 40% dedicated to user acquisition, 15% each to developers and the TWT community, and the remaining 30% held in reserve.


The visionary purpose behind Trust Wallet Token (TWT) extends beyond its utility within the platform. The founder, Viktor Radchenko, sees TWT as a means to empower and enlighten token holders about the significance of governance, voting, and decision-making in the crypto world. Moreover, he envisions Trust Wallet as a catalyst for promoting the adoption and understanding of emerging technologies within the vast cryptocurrency landscape.

Radchenko encapsulates the mission of TWT as a quest to democratize and simplify access to wallets, enabling users to create them without constraints or limitations, fostering a sense of freedom and autonomy in managing their digital assets.


The Trust Wallet Token works on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. It can be earned through various promotions, referrals, or interacting with DApps built on Trust Wallet. The token can then be used for discounts, staking, governance voting, and more.

The main uses of Trust Wallet Token are to incentivize active participation, create demand for the token, and give holders certain privileges. For example, TWT allows holders to get discounts on crypto purchases or access special features.

Trust Wallet Token can be purchased on centralized exchanges like Binance and It’s also available on DEXs like PancakeSwap.

There are several secure options for storing TWT, including the official Trust Wallet app itself as it’s non-custodial. Other choices are hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. A cold mobile wallet like IronWallet may also be suitable.

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