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About VeChain

VeChain (VET), an innovative blockchain platform, has surged in popularity owing to its unique approach of integrating IoT technology to enhance supply-chain management. Offering assurance of product authenticity combats counterfeit problem, an issue plaguing nearly every sector. Its combination of blockchain and IoT becomes the vanguard for other cryptocurrencies to follow. Its wide-ranging potential has captured attention and is transforming from novelty to necessity in the cryptocurrency sphere.

History of VeChain (VET)

VeChain was founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, former CIO of Louis Vuitton China. It started as a subsidiary of BitSE, one of China’s largest blockchain companies. The goal was to use distributed ledger technology to improve supply chain operations. In 2016, VeChain transitioned to an independent VeChain Foundation based in Singapore.

In June 2016, VeChain released proof-of-concept code on GitHub and adopted a more open source approach. Throughout 2016 and 2017, the platform continued to expand with new partnerships, technological developments, and availability on exchanges. The native VET token was introduced in 2017.

What Is VeChain (VET)?

VeChain (VET) is a pioneering blockchain platform that is revolutionizing the supply chain industry. An innovation designed to boost supply chain management and business processes, its goal is to ensure the origin, authenticity, and quality of products, engendering trust and transparency in the business to consumer ecosphere.

At its core, VeChain utilizes blockchain technology and a native digital currency – VET, to facilitate transactions within its ecosystem. The VeChain tor, VET’s proprietary technology, securely digitizes products or assets and tracks each associated transaction. This system not only helps to identify any possible counterfeits but enables companies to trace every detail along their supply chain, thus fostering an environment of accountability.

Moreover, this transformational platform not only has applications in the supply chain sector but in various industries including logistics, automotive, and agriculture, amongst others. It seeks to leverage blockchain technology’s inherent traits of immutability and transparency to build smart, efficient ecosystems, thereby providing a robust solution to modern supply chain challenges. It is this impressive blend of technology and functionality that makes VeChain a promising proposition in the field of blockchain technology.

How VeChain Works

VeChain operates on a dual-token system consisting of VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO). This unique structure enhances system stability and avoids unnecessary fluctuations of the cost of transactions. VET is used as a store of value in the VeChain ecosystem, while VTHO is used to power transactions.

Under the VeChain model, every business operation is translated into a corresponding transaction on the blockchain. These transactions make use of smart contracts, sets of self-executing protocols stored on the blockchain. With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and widespread adoption of RFID technology, VeChain can assist in tracking products throughout their lifecycle without human intervention and record these activities on the immutable, transparent blockchain.

Through the utilization of Proof-of-Authority consensus, VeChain’s network promotes efficiency and control. This model has a set number of nodes that validate transactions, and these nodes communicate with one another to determine the state of the blockchain. As a result, consensus is reached quickly and efficiently without the need for competitive mining practices. With such technical prowess, VeChain allows businesses to achieve supply chain traceability and data transparency on a global scale.

Advantages of Investing in Vet Crypto

Investing in VeChain (VET) crypto comes with a plethora of advantages. The most apparent is its focus on supply chain management, a pivotal aspect of global business. By injecting transparency into the system, VeChain has positioned itself to counteract the irregularities rampant in the supply chain. The introduction of blockchain technology to track products from the point of origin to the end consumer intends to greatly reduce fraud and counterfeiting which in turn increases consumer trust.

Additionally, partnerships with esteemed entities like BMW Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the China National Level Partnership, have boosted the credibility of VeChain. This is crucial as it shows that VeChain has been recognized as reliable, innovative, and useful to traditional economic systems.

Finally, the dual-token system of VeChain (VET and VeTHOR) is an interesting proposition for potential investors. It presents a two-fold investment opportunity by simultaneously providing governance power to VET holders and opening up VeChain’s blockchain transactions via VeTHOR. These factors combine to present VeChain as a strong investment opportunity in a growing, revolutionary blockchain landscape.

VET Tokens and Staking

The VeChain platform has two tokens that work in tandem:

  1. VET – VeChain Token is used to transfer value and smart contract transactions.
  2. VTHO – VeThor Token is used to power transactions on the network similar to gas on Ethereum.

VET holders can generate VTHO via staking. Economic incentives encourage holding VET long term. Higher VET holdings allow users to develop applications with lower costs.

Enterprises needing blockchain solutions benefit from inexpensive, fast transactions powered by staked VET. This dual token model aims to balance value and utility on the network.

Is VeChain a Worthy Investment?

VeChain undeniably stands as a compelling investment. Its unique structure, combining blockchain technology with practical real-world applications, makes it stand out in the crowded crypto space. VeChain aims to streamline supply chain management, an industry ripe for disruption, giving it an edge over many other cryptocurrencies that lack clear practical uses. Investment in such a visionary project isn’t just about financial gains, but also creating a more efficient and transparent world.

But like all investments, potential investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence. This is important due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, which can lead to significant price swings. Also, as the crypto industry continues to evolve, regulatory uncertainties still hover. Therefore, despite VeChain’s merits, caution is advised.

However, considering the long-term potential of crypto technology, and VeChain’s unique proposition, VeChain may well represent an opportunity. The potential returns could be high for those who understand what they’re investing in and have the risk tolerance to stick with it. As always, diverse investment across different sectors is an optimal strategy to balance risks and rewards. This can be key to a successful investment.

Future Outlook

VeChain has laid out an ambitious roadmap through 2025 to enhance technology and drive adoption. Goals include improving data storage infrastructure, integration tools, and the introduction of decentralized finance services.

With a growing list of Fortune 500 companies partnering with VeChain, the platform is positioning itself as the premier enterprise blockchain. Real world business activity driving transactions and network usage will be key metrics to watch going forward.


VeChain (VET) is a leading enterprise-focused blockchain platform launched in 2015. It aims to enhance supply chain management and business processes through blockchain technology. VeChain utilizes proof-of-authority consensus, enabling it to process high transaction volumes with relatively low energy consumption compared to proof-of-work blockchains.

VeChain uses a dual-token system, VET and VTHO, to power transactions on its network. VET generates VTHO over time and is used to pay for transactions and smart contract execution. This enables predictable transaction costs on the network. VeChain also utilizes various technologies like IoT integration, RFID tracking, and advanced encryption to enable supply chain solutions.

VeChain’s VET token can be purchased on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. It has gained considerable market cap ranking it among the top cryptocurrencies. VET can be traded against stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat currencies.

As a cryptocurrency, it is advisable to store VET in a secure non-custodial wallet. The multi-currency wallet IronWallet supports VeChain and provides features like built-in exchange and hardware wallet support. IronWallet enables users to securely store and control their VET assets.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, VeChain utilizes a proof-of-authority consensus so mining VET is not possible. The VET supply is managed by the VeChain Foundation and generated through pre-determined rates. However, users can generate VTHO by holding VET in a suitable wallet.

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