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About MX Token

The MX Token serves as the foundational cryptocurrency for the MEXC Exchange, which stands out as a premier trading platform. Crafted on the Ethereum network, it adheres to the ERC-20 protocol. This compliance guarantees its interoperability with a multitude of wallets and trading platforms that accommodate tokens built on Ethereum. It offers its holders the chance to engage in special events that reward them with complimentary airdrops.

Purpose and Utility of the Token

Advantages Including Reduced Fees:

Holding MX Tokens presents a range of perks for its users. Those who possess MX Tokens benefit from lower fees on their trades, which enhances their profit potential by minimizing the expenses incurred during transactions. The exchange employs a graduated fee system that rewards users for maintaining a certain amount of MX Tokens, offering them access to even greater rewards and perks as their token count goes up.

Access to Exclusive Events and Token Offerings:

Being an MX Token holder opens the door to exclusive participation in M-Day events and token offerings conducted on the MEXC platform. M-Day events offer a sneak peek at emerging blockchain projects, providing an avenue for holders to obtain new tokens before they hit the broader market. This privilege affords MX Token holders the chance to invest early in promising ventures.

Decision-Making Influence Through Voting:

MX Token ownership is more than a passive investment; it’s a ticket to actively influence the MEXC platform’s direction. Token holders are entrusted with voting rights, allowing them to weigh in on key decisions affecting the platform, from asset listings to proposals for enhancements and the overall strategic vision of the exchange. This participatory model ensures that the community’s voice plays a central role in steering the platform’s evolution.

The Role of MX Token in the MEXC ecosystem

Boosting Market Fluidity:

MX Token, as the foundational cryptocurrency of the MEXC exchange, is pivotal in enhancing the platform’s liquidity. It enables traders to partake in unique trading combinations, access liquidity pools, and other distinct functionalities, thus ensuring a dynamic and robust market environment. Its inclusion in various trading pairs not only elevates its necessity but also amplifies its functionality across the MEXC ecosystem.

Encouraging Community Participation:

The MX Token is instrumental in stimulating engagement and participation within the community through a variety of initiatives and programs. With rewards for token holders and special events, the MEXC exchange motivates its users to interact more with the MX Token. This strategy cultivates a dedicated and enthusiastic community, which in turn improves the user experience and contributes to the ecosystem’s expansion.

Propelling Ecosystem Growth:

The MX Token is vital for the forward movement and development of the MEXC exchange’s ecosystem. A share of the transaction fees collected from trading operations is allocated to support the growth and evolution of the MX Token. These resources are invested in a range of areas, such as enlarging the ecosystem, forging strategic alliances, and advancing technology, further solidifying the token’s role and value within the platform.


In the original blueprint for the token, a significant sum of 450 million MX tokens was allocated for the MEXC team but was subsequently locked and not distributed to them. Here’s a breakdown of how the MX token reserves were distributed:

  • Allocated to the MEXC Foundation: 100 million MX Tokens
  • Designated for MEXC Labs: 150 million MX Tokens
  • Set aside for Strategic Partnerships by MEXC: 100 million MX Tokens
  • Directly eliminated through an immediate burn process: 100 million MX Tokens.

To align with the interests of the MX token community, MEXC is committed to sustaining the “Buy-Back & Burn” initiative for the MX Token. This involves dedicating 40% of MEXC platform’s profits towards the repurchase and destruction of MX Tokens from the open market every quarter. This strategy aims to regulate the circulating supply of MX Tokens, targeting a goal of maintaining it at 100 million.

How Is the MX TOKEN Network Secured?

The security of the MX TOKEN network is anchored in its foundation as an ERC-20 token, which means it is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus method for transaction verification and network security.

Furthermore, the integrity and safety of the MX TOKEN have been thoroughly evaluated by SlowMist, a reputable firm with expertise in blockchain security that offers cybersecurity audits and safeguards.

Storing and Trading MX Tokens

As an ERC-20 asset, MX can be stored in any Ethereum compatible wallet like MetaMask, IronWallet, or hardware wallets. It can be purchased from the MEXC Exchange directly or major token trading platforms.

To make use of the MX utilities, tokens have to be deposited into the MEXC Exchange account. Here MX can be traded on the exchange, staked, lent and used for discounted fees. Users can also earn MX as rewards for activities on the platform.

The exchange makes it easy to interact with MX tokens across its services. This usability and integration is key to driving adoption of the token.


MX Token is the native cryptocurrency of the MEXC exchange, a platform designed to facilitate the trading of various digital assets. It operates on a blockchain, which allows for secure and decentralized transactions. MX Token serves multiple purposes within the MEXC ecosystem, including but not limited to, trading fee discounts, participation in token sales, and staking rewards.

MX Token functions within the MEXC ecosystem to facilitate various operations and incentives. Users holding MX Token can benefit from reduced trading fees, participate in community voting mechanisms, and gain access to exclusive token sales. Additionally, the token can be staked or used in liquidity pools to earn rewards, integrating with DeFi protocols for broader utility.

The utility of MX Token extends across several areas:
  • Trading Fee Discounts: Holders receive discounts on trading fees on the MEXC exchange.
  • Participation in Token Sales: Access to special token sales and investment opportunities.
  • Staking Rewards: Users can stake MX Tokens to earn rewards, contributing to the platform’s liquidity and stability.
  • Governance: In some cases, MX Token allows holders to vote on platform decisions, illustrating a decentralized approach to exchange governance.

MX Token can be purchased on the MEXC exchange itself, as well as on other cryptocurrency exchanges that list MX Token. It’s important to research and use reputable exchanges, ensuring security and reliability in transactions.

For storing MX Token safely, a reliable option is to use a cold mobile wallet like IronWallet. Cold wallets are not connected to the internet, significantly reducing the risk of hacking. IronWallet offers robust security features for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies, making it a suitable choice for long-term storage of MX Token and other digital assets.

MX Token distinguishes itself through its integration within the MEXC ecosystem, providing users with a range of benefits that enhance their trading experience. Its role in governance, staking, and access to exclusive token sales positions MX Token not just as a medium of exchange but also as a tool for engagement and investment within the platform. This multifunctional utility sets it apart from cryptocurrencies with more singular purposes.

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