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About Theta Network

Theta Network is revolutionizing the video streaming landscape with its decentralized, blockchain-powered platform. At the heart of Theta’s innovative approach is its ability to deliver high-definition video content at a fraction of the cost of conventional providers. This cutting-edge network is not just about streaming, it’s a holistic ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain to solve enduring challenges in the video-streaming industry. With unique incentive mechanisms, Theta Network incentivizes users for sharing bandwidth and content, fostering a community-driven environment that enhances the viewing experience for everyone. This is the new era of video streaming, where quality, efficiency, and community engagement converge seamlessly on the Theta Network.

History and Background

In 2018, the tech world witnessed the birth of Theta Network, spearheaded by visionaries Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long. Liu, an alumnus of MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business, has a rich history of entrepreneurial success, including the co-creation of Gameview Studios, Tapjoy, and His academic and business acumen have played pivotal roles in shaping the innovative trajectory of Theta Network.

Jieyi Long, with his PhD from Northwestern University, is not just a co-pilot in Theta’s journey but also a co-founder of alongside Liu. Long’s portfolio boasts a slew of patented technologies that have left indelible marks on video game instant replays and virtual reality live streaming, underlining his technical prowess and forward-thinking approach.

The strategic ensemble is rounded off with Ryan Nichols, a former Director at Tencent for the WeChat app, now serving as Theta’s Chief Product Officer. This leadership triumvirate drives Theta Network’s mission with a blend of technical brilliance and strategic acumen.

Theta Network’s groundbreaking journey is backed by a constellation of heavyweight investors, including Samsung, DHVC, IBC, and the Sony Innovation Fund. The project’s clout is further amplified by its media advisors, who are none other than YouTube’s Co-founder Steve Chen and Twitch’s Co-founder Justin Kan, adding a layer of esteemed endorsement to Theta’s visionary project.

Key Features of Theta Network

Theta Network stands out in the digital realm as a trailblazer, merging blockchain’s robust capabilities with the video streaming sector. This fusion has led to a decentralized delivery model that not only enhances video quality but also resolves the persistent bottleneck issues in traditional streaming infrastructure, particularly as data demands soar.

At the core of Theta’s pioneering approach is a dual token economy, ingeniously designed to foster a thriving, participatory ecosystem. Here, users are not merely passive consumers but active contributors, earning rewards for both engaging with content and sharing network resources, fueling a cycle of mutual benefit and sustained network growth.

Theta’s technological advancements are nothing short of revolutionary. With innovations like the Multi-level BFT, Theta achieves superior transaction speeds by redefining the Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism. The Aggregated Signature Gossip Scheme streamlines communication within the network, while the Resource-Oriented Micropayment Pool introduces an off-chain, double-spend resistant solution tailored for the video streaming economy.

Theta’s commitment to innovation extends to its open-source ethos, inviting developers and collaborators to craft decentralized applications (dApps) on its blockchain foundation. Leading the charge, Theta’s own became the inaugural dApp to launch on the network, setting the stage for subsequent integrations with industry giants like Samsung VR, Cinedigm, Shout! Factory,, and Play Labs, further cementing Theta Network’s status as a pioneering force in the blockchain-powered streaming landscape.

How Theta Network Works

Theta Network, initially launched as an ERC-20 token, made a strategic leap to its blockchain mainnet in March 2019, post a $20 million USD private token sale in 2017. Despite its evolution into a standalone entity, Theta preserves its ERC-20 compliance, skillfully tapping into Ethereum’s extensive user base and network advantages, all while infusing proprietary technologies to elevate the streaming experience.

At its core, Theta operates on a nuanced Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, dubbed Multi-Level Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). This system employs a select group of nodes, forming a “Validator Committee,” to expedite transaction approvals, thereby offering a more efficient alternative to traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) frameworks. Following initial validation, transactions are escalated to the “Guardian Pool,” a larger node collective, for thorough verification and ledger integration, striking a balance between speed, consistency, and decentralized governance.

Theta’s operational prowess is manifested through three pivotal features:

1. Off-Chain Micropayments Pool: An innovative off-chain pool for micropayments underscores Theta’s operational finesse, facilitating a streamlined process where Guardian Nodes amalgamate and disseminate signature data efficiently. This mechanism not only expedites node communication but also optimizes network resources, supporting Theta’s data management and content delivery endeavors.

2. Edge Nodes: Powered by community participation, Theta’s Edge Nodes are central to transcoding and disseminating video content, alongside sharing surplus bandwidth. Introduced with Theta 2.0, these nodes are instrumental in the Edgecast platform, fostering a decentralized streaming ecosystem, and were over 7,000 strong as of early 2021. Operators of these nodes are rewarded with tokens, enriching Theta’s content-sharing network.

3. Theta Token Minter: With the advent of Turing-complete smart contract support in late 2020, Theta launched the Token Minter, enabling users to mint new TNT-20 tokens effortlessly. This feature democratizes token creation, offering a gateway to a myriad of applications and assets within the Theta ecosystem.

Theta’s dual-coin system underpins its network operations, with the THETA coin ensuring governance and network participation, and TFUEL coin facilitating on-chain transactions and smart contract interactions. The ecosystem is supported by the Theta Wallet, compatible with various platforms and devices, alongside the Theta Explorer, which offers transparency into the network’s transactional dynamics.

THETA and TFUEL Tokens

Diving into the Theta network, we uncover the twin pillars of its blockchain ecosystem: the Theta Token (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL). These native cryptocurrencies are not just digital assets but the driving force behind Theta’s decentralized video streaming revolution.

THETA, the primary currency, is the life force of the network, facilitating transactions and rewarding community members for sharing their surplus bandwidth and computing prowess. Engagement with Theta not only yields THETA tokens but also fortifies the network’s performance and scalability.

On the flip side, TFUEL thrives as the operational currency, essential for executing on-chain activities and covering transactional “gas fees.” Ownership and usage of TFUEL align users with the network’s operational rhythm, propelling Theta’s growth trajectory and ecosystem vitality.

Theta’s blockchain architecture, underpinned by these dual tokens, is setting the stage for a seismic shift in the video streaming sector. Its alliances with tech behemoths like Google, Samsung, and Sony underscore its potential and hint at a future where decentralized streaming is the norm. For stakeholders ranging from content creators to consumers, and investors, Theta unfolds as a gateway to groundbreaking opportunities in the decentralized media landscape.


Theta’s journey through the tech landscape is marked by strategic alliances with industry behemoths like Samsung, Sony, and Google, bolstering its market standing and catalyzing broader adoption. These collaborations are not just partnerships, they are endorsements from some of the biggest names in technology.

Samsung’s collaboration has seen the integration of into Samsung Daily on all new Galaxy smartphones, catapulting Theta into the hands of a global audience and embedding it into the daily digital experience of millions.

Sony has intertwined its fate with Theta through Sony Innovation Studios in Europe, becoming a key player in Theta’s Enterprise Validator and Governance Council Program. This alliance highlights Sony’s conviction in Theta’s disruptive potential for the streaming sector, signaling a strong vote of confidence in its future.

Google’s engagement with Theta transcends conventional cloud service dynamics, as it not only provides an infrastructural backbone but also acts as a validator node for Theta’s network. This dual role fortifies the network’s security and underlines Google’s trust in Theta’s blockchain infrastructure.

These high-profile partnerships underline a collective belief in Theta’s innovative prowess and its capacity to redefine the video streaming domain, positioning Theta as a compelling contender in the cryptocurrency arena.


Theta Network’s native token THETA can be purchased on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and KuCoin. You can trade THETA against fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There are several options for securely storing THETA tokens. Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor provide offline storage. Mobile wallets like Trust Wallet also support THETA. You can also use multi-coin non-custodial wallets like IronWallet which gives you full control of private keys.

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