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Non-custodian wallet that helps you to find the best opportunities in the crypto world
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About PAX Gold

PAX Gold offers a digital asset that mirrors the physical entity of gold, thus providing the opportunity to possess an ERC-20 token which, in turn, can be kept in any Ethereum-compatible digital wallet. Representing precise ownership of physical gold, PAX Gold provides a feasible method of investing in and transferring ownership of physical bullion, effectively combining the stability of the gold market with the nimbleness and security of blockchain technology.

Overview of PAX Gold Token

Introduced in September 2019 by the New York-centered Paxos Trust Company, the PAX Gold token stands as a modern bridge between the world of digital assets and traditional precious metals. Being an ERC-20 entity on the Ethereum blockchain, it operates with the oversight of the New York State Department of Financial Services, ensuring a regulated approach to digital gold.

PAX Gold offers an innovative avenue for gold investments, eliminating the complexities of physical handling. Each token signifies a commitment from Paxos to maintain an equivalent weight in gold within their vaults, resulting in a consistent parity between this digital representation and its tangible counterpart.

How PAX Gold Maintains Its Peg to Gold

Understanding how PAX Gold maintains its peg to gold is crucial in appreciating its value. This cryptocurrency bridges the modern digital economy with traditional gold value, creating a stable and verifiable storage of wealth. Each PAX Gold token represents an ounce of carefully audited and custody-stored physical gold. This relationship is pegged one-to-one to ensure each token is interchangeable, which not only provides a reliable means of exchanging value over time but also ensures stable pricing. The token’s value is based on the London Good Delivery gold bar prices, which is considered the international standard. It is this intrinsic link between the physical asset and the digital token that maintains the price stability. Furthermore, the innovative case of blockchain technology instills confidence in the validity of the peg, as transactions are transparent, and ownership can be instantly verified. Meanwhile, strict auditing procedures regularly ensure that the peg holds firm.

Benefits of Investing in PAX Gold

Investing in PAX Gold provides several advantages over owning physical gold. First, it is much more divisible, with each token representing 1/1000th of an ounce of gold. Small investments can be made without high premiums.

Secondly, PAXG enables 24/7 trading and global accessibility. It can be stored, sent, and traded worldwide through cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. This gives gold far greater liquidity compared to traditional markets.

Additionally, PAX Gold avoids many of the drawbacks of physical gold ownership such as storage and insurance costs. Yet it still allows exposure to gold prices and acts as a hedge against inflation and currency debasement.

How to Purchase PAX Gold

Purchasing PAX Gold can be accomplished by anyone with a willingness to connect to the digital asset economy. Various cryptocurrency exchanges serve as the primary platforms where PAX Gold is available for purchase. A keen eye is required to ensure that the chosen exchange is reputable and trustworthy. Remember, due diligence at this step can avert potential complications later on. Once the exchange is selected, it’s a matter of creating an account, completing the necessary verification processes, and depositing funds into that account.

A selection can then be made between fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies to exchange for PAX Gold. Following this, PAX Gold can be purchased at the prevailing market price, or a limit order can be set at a preferred price point. Once the purchase order is complete, PAX Gold will be added to the individual’s exchange account. It’s advisable to move your PAX Gold into a digital wallet for secure storage unless plans are in place to trade immediately. As with all investments, careful consideration and abundant knowledge are advised before proceeding.

Storing PAX Gold in a Wallet

Storing PAX Gold tokens in a secure cryptocurrency wallet is essential for properly managing this digital asset. One of the key features of PAX Gold is that it provides ownership rights to an underlying physical asset – gold bars stored in professional vaults. Therefore, choosing an appropriate wallet, preferably a cold storage wallet, is critical for safeguarding PAX Gold possessions. Cold wallets refer to hardware devices that keep cryptocurrencies offline, offering enhanced security protections against digital threats. In contrast, hot wallets and online platforms may provide greater convenience but also carry higher risks.

Once a suitable wallet is selected, transferring PAX Gold tokens from an exchange to the wallet is straightforward. It is advisable to consider wallets that support Ethereum-based assets, since PAX Gold utilizes ERC-20 token standards on the Ethereum blockchain. Maintaining direct custody of PAX Gold holdings through secure storage mirrors the benefits of owning physical gold bars in a personal safe in a robust digital manner. The non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet IronWallet is one secure option for storing PAXG tokens while retaining complete ownership. Just as storing physical gold securely in a safe is prudent, safeguarding PAX Gold tokens in an offline wallet like IronWallet is the digital equivalent for responsibly managing this asset.

Risks and Drawbacks of PAX Gold

Despite the numerous advantages of PAX Gold, caution should be exercised when interacting with this financial instrument as it is not immune from potential pitfalls. One significant concern is the reliance on the custodian, which introduces counterparty risk. Additionally, the gold backing PAX Tokens is stored physically, meaning that it could potentially be affected by unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters. The regulatory environment in which PAX Gold operates is also relatively unsettled. With blockchain and cryptoasset regulations evolving, there might be implications for the asset’s liquidity and convertibility. Although PAX Gold offers a relatively secure digital access to physical gold, it’s critical to weigh both the investment’s attractiveness against its potential perils.

The Future of PAX Gold

PAX Gold aims to bridge the worlds of traditional gold investing and digital assets. It improves gold’s accessibility while retaining its key properties as a safe haven asset. If cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow globally, demand for tokenized gold could rise substantially.

More institutional investors may add PAXG to diversify portfolios as crypto-assets mature. However, PAXG could face competition from other gold-backed tokens in the future. Regardless, regulated and transparent projects like PAXG seem poised to lead the digitization of precious metal investing.


PAX Gold is a digital asset that aims to make gold more accessible. Each token is backed by one fine troy ounce of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar. It marries the age-old value proposition of gold with the efficiencies of modern technology.

The asset was introduced by Paxos, a New York-based fintech company that specializes in creating digital representations of physical assets. They’re a regulated financial institution, which adds a layer of credibility to PAX Gold.

When you purchase a PAX Gold token, you essentially own the underlying physical gold. The physical gold is stored in a vault, and each token corresponds to a specific piece of gold. Ownership can be verified on-chain, offering transparency that’s hard to beat.

PAX Gold serves multiple purposes. It acts as a more efficient way to invest in gold, avoiding some of the traditional inconveniences like storage fees. It can also be divided into smaller, more manageable amounts, making gold investment accessible for more people. Moreover, PAX Gold can be used in transactions, just like other digital assets.

PAXG can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken, Binance, and FTX. It can also be acquired through third-party brokers like Uphold, Coinbase, and Bitpanda. Additionally, the Paxos app allows direct purchase with USD.

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