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About OKB

OKB is the native token of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, first launched in 2018. It plays a central role in the OKEx ecosystem in enabling participation, discounted trading fees, and other perks. As of early 2024, OKB has a market capitalization of over $1 billion, making it a top 50 cryptocurrency.

OKB Creation and Distribution

A total of 1 billion OKB tokens were created originally. Of these, 700 million – 70% of the total supply – were distributed to OK Blockchain Foundation to support R&D and promote the OKEx ecosystem over the long term. The remaining 30%, or 300 million OKB, were distributed to OKEx users through initial exchange offerings, rewards to traders, and other community growth initiatives.

This distribution split highlights OKEx’s long term plan to continue developing and expanding the capabilities and utility associated with the OKB token and OKEx platform over the next decade rather than simply generating short term profits.

OKB Use Cases

OKB in OKEx Exchange

OKEx aimed to have OKB play a key role within its cryptocurrency exchange system from the beginning. Holding the token enables reduced trading fees on the platform along with access to new token launches through OKEx’s Jumpstart project. Additionally, holdings unlock higher withdrawal limits, exclusive customer support, staking rewards, and investment products offered uniquely to OKB holders on the exchange.

Over time, additional functionality and capabilities have been added to further integrate the token into OKEx operations.

OKB for Discounted Trading Fees

The key benefit marketed to OKEx users for owning OKB is reduced trading fees. By holding a minimum of 500 OKB for 30 days, traders see their fees on spot, margin, futures, perpetual swap, and options trading cut significantly – in some cases, by over 50%.

The more OKB held, the higher the fee discount applied, up to a maximum of a 65% reduced fee rate compared to non-holders. This incentive provides traders continual savings that can add up substantially, especially for larger volume traders.

OKB for Participation in OKEx Jumpstart

Another popular offering associated with OKB holdings is access to participate in OKEx Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a token launch platform built into OKEx that enables users to buy into promising new cryptocurrency projects before broader public listing.

Holding a specific amount of OKB tokens allows traders to access Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) conducted through Jumpstart at preferential rates ahead of broader market availability. Traders have benefited greatly from exposure to major cryptos like SKALE, AERGO, and FOR through Jumpstart historically.

OKB Technical Details


The OKB token was originally issued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2021, OKEx Chain mainnet was launched natively to support improved throughput and faster settlement times better suited for exchange-related functionality.

The native OKT token now provides the backbone for OKB capabilities rather than Ethereum, though token bridging ensures ongoing compatibility between ERC-20 OKB and native OKT versions.

Consensus Algorithm

OKEx Chain utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model. This enables improved scalability and throughput speed relative to models like proof of work. Block generation time is currently set at 0.5 seconds.

A total of 21 ‘Supernodes’ are elected by OKT holders to validate transactions and uphold network security in exchange for staking rewards. This governance model provides ongoing incentives to maximize effective platform development.

Future Outlook for OKB

The ongoing success of OKB is closely tied to adoption and development of the OKEx platform itself as the native exchange token. Continued exchange volume growth, adoptions of options/futures/lending products, new DeFi integrations via OKEx Chain, and adoption in areas like NFTs trading will ultimately dictate OKB price trajectory.

If OKEx can continue expanding capabilities and establishing itself as a top global exchange, OKB has significant room for long term upside. Crypto analysts predict potential for $100+ per OKB pricing within 5 years if bullish crypto & exchange volume market conditions persist through 2024 and beyond. However, downside risk also persists if exchange market share drops vs leading competitors.


As the native token of top crypto exchange OKEx, OKB enables reduced trading fees, participation in promising token launches, and other benefits. Backed by large exchange trading volumes and ongoing ecosystem development, OKB has cemented itself as a top 50 market cap crypto asset to date.

Tied closely to the growth and market positioning of OKEx itself, the next few years will prove pivotal in whether OKB can continue climbing the ranks of leading digital assets or recedes to the middle of the pack. Regardless, the token looks positioned to provide unique long term value to holders willing to support the early-stage exchange ecosystem being built.


OKB is the native token of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to participate in platform voting and enjoy certain privileges.

OKB was founded in 2018 by the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, which wanted to create a utility token for its users. The exchange is based in Malta.

OKB operates on the ERC-20 standard. It is issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation and entitles OKEx users to certain privileges based on their OKB holdings. These include discounts on trading fees.

The main uses of OKB are to pay trading fees at discounted rates, participate in token sales on OKEx Jumpstart, and vote on platform decisions. OKB holders also earn periodic airdrops.

OKB can be purchased on the OKEx exchange as well as other major exchanges like Bitfinex and HitBTC. Check where it is listed here.

As with any cryptocurrency, OKB should be stored safely in a personal wallet, not on an exchange. Non-custodial wallets like IronWallet allow you to securely store your private keys yourself.

The key innovation of OKB is how it creates incentives for users to be active participants on the OKEx platform through discounted fees and voting rights. The airdrops also reward long-term holders.

Like most exchange tokens, OKB cannot be mined. All tokens were minted at creation by the OKEx exchange and distributed through sales, airdrops, and user rewards.

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