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About Fenerbahçe Token

Fenerbahçe Token (FB) represents a new effort to integrate blockchain technology with the operations of major sports clubs. As one of the most popular and successful clubs in Turkey, Fenerbahçe has launched its own fan token to engage its global supporter base and provide utility within its ecosystem. The FB token has the potential to transform interactions between fans and their favorite club.

Overview of Fenerbahçe Sports Club

Founded in 1907, Fenerbahçe is one of the oldest and most decorated sports clubs in Turkey. Fenerbahçe competes in major soccer, basketball, and volleyball leagues and has achieved great success over its long history. With millions of passionate fans across Turkey and worldwide, Fenerbahçe is truly one of Turkey’s most popular brands. The club has been exploring innovative ways to connect with supporters.

Details of the FB Token Launch

In early 2021, Fenerbahçe announced the creation and upcoming launch of its FB fan token. The tokens represent a tokenized digital asset on the blockchain, available exclusively to Fenerbahçe fans and supporters.

The creation of the Fenerbahçe Token is a joint effort between Fenerbahçe SK and the Turkish cryptocurrency platform Paribu. This digital token is anchored on the Ethereum blockchain, adhering to the ERC-20 token specifications, and is additionally functional on the Avalanche blockchain through the use of the Avalanche Bridge™. Supporters in possession of the Fenerbahçe Token are granted voting privileges and an influential role in the governance of the Fenerbahçe sports organization.

FB Token Use Cases

FB token holders can access a range of membership benefits and fan experiences. Token holders gain voting rights to participate in certain club decisions and access exclusive content and promotions. FB tokens also enable holders to unlock VIP rewards, signed merchandise, meet-and-greet opportunities, discounts and more. The tokens facilitate a new fan-club interaction.

FB Token Distribution and Allocation

The economic model of the Fenerbahçe Token is designed with a ceiling of 190,700,000 FB tokens, which will be gradually released over a span of 25 years. There’s a strategy in place for the token to undergo a burning process, aiming to decrease its total circulation to 100,000,000. This process of token reduction began on October 15, 2021, with the burning events scheduled to take place every quarter.

The allocation of FB tokens is segmented as follows:

  • 61.35% is reserved for the Treasury.
  • 13.63% is allocated for Marketing activities.
  • 10% goes towards Technology-related expenses.
  • 15% is earmarked for Special events and pre-sale initiatives.

Utility of FB Tokens for Fenerbahçe Fans

FB tokens offer great utility for Fenerbahçe fans old and new. Token holders gain a formal stake in their club and access amazing membership perks. Fans can influence decisions, show their pride in the club, and feel like part of the Fenerbahçe family. FB unlocks global experiences that celebrate fans’ passion for Fenerbahçe and bring them closer to the club.

Fundraising and Community Building Goals

The FB token launch aims to strengthen Fenerbahçe’s capital funding and global community. Fans contribute directly to the club by acquiring tokens, acting as a crowdfunding mechanism. A worldwide fan token community also forms, forging deeper bonds among Fenerbahçe supporters everywhere. FB tokens help convert casual fans into club stakeholders invested in Fenerbahçe’s success.

Developments for Fenerbahçe Token

Fenerbahçe will expand FB token functionality over time. Plans include adding partners and experiences, hosting regional events for token holders, and integrating tokens into matchday operations. As adoption grows, FB aims to become an essential part of the Fenerbahçe experience. Ongoing token developments will ensure long-term demand and benefits that delight fans.

As a pioneering sports club, Fenerbahçe is leading the way in blockchain fan engagement. The new FB token empowers supporters, provides membership perks, and strengthens bonds between fans and their beloved club. This could become the model for how major sports teams leverage crypto to energize their communities. The future looks bright for Fenerbahçe Token!


Fenerbahçe Token (FB) is a fan token launched in 2021 by the Turkish football club Fenerbahçe to engage with fans and supporters. Fan tokens like FB allow holders to vote in polls, get rewards, and access exclusive content related to their clubs.

Fenerbahçe Token was founded by the Turkish football club Fenerbahçe. The club partnered with the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Paribu to launch the FB token in 2021.

The Fenerbahçe Token is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, aligning with the ERC-20 token guidelines, and simultaneously functions on the Avalanche blockchain through the use of the Avalanche Bridge™.

FB serves as a utility and governance token for Fenerbahçe fans. Token holders can vote on minor club decisions and access exclusive rewards. FB aims to foster deeper fan engagement and activation.

The Fenerbahçe Token can be acquired on Paribu and Uniswap platforms. To begin trading with the Turkish Lira (TL) pair, you can sign up on Paribu through their app or website. For direct swaps, link your Ethereum wallet with Uniswap.

As a cryptocurrency, it’s important to store FB securely. Options include non-custodial wallets like IronWallet, which gives users full control, or custodial exchanges for easier access.

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