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About Edgecoin

Edgecoin represents a cutting-edge approach to stable currencies, serving as the foundational currency of the Edgecoin Bank, a platform that melds the stability of traditional fiat currencies with the innovation of blockchain technology. Operating under the banner of Edgecoin Bank, based in the UK, EDGT is designed to maintain parity with the U.S. dollar. This stability is secured through the backing of a variety of financial instruments, including fiat currency, cash reserves, and government securities, ensuring that its circulation value is always equivalent to its reserves in USD.

Originally developed to streamline global payment processes, Edgecoin leverages the blockchain to offer seamless international transactions. As part of its ecosystem, Edgecoin Bank introduces “Gradecoin,” a dynamic DeFi token awarded to users who invest in Edgecoin, thereby incentivizing participation and investment within the platform.

What Makes Edgecoin Unique?

Edgecoin stands out in the digital currency landscape by addressing the challenges faced by unstable and unbacked cryptocurrencies, as highlighted in its foundational document. It skillfully combines the reliability and regulatory framework of conventional banking systems with the efficiency and global reach of the internet. This results in a robust platform with assured currency value and regulatory compliance.

The stability of Edgecoin’s value against the US dollar is meticulously maintained through a diversified portfolio of assets, including various types of securities and cash holdings, ensuring the market value of EDGT tokens is always backed by an equivalent in real-world assets.

What sets Edgecoin apart is its multifaceted utility. Not only does it enable users to conduct transactions seamlessly, but it also rewards EDGT token holders with Gradecoin, a DeFi token that appreciates users for maintaining their EDGT holdings. This dual functionality enhances its appeal and incentivizes engagement within the Edgecoin ecosystem.

Edgecoin Product

Online Banking

Edgecoin Bank offers a comprehensive suite of digital banking solutions, enabling clients to manage funds, secure digital assets, and execute transactions efficiently. To ensure a safe banking environment, new customers are subjected to a KYC process to thwart fraudulent activities and money laundering. Successful verification unlocks access to a suite of functionalities, including a virtual wallet, an engaging staking mechanism, and diverse cryptocurrency purchasing and spending avenues, all available worldwide, around the clock.

Edgecoin Savings Account

For those looking to augment their income passively, the Edgecoin Bank Savings Account presents a lucrative opportunity. By parking either cryptocurrency or fiat money into this account, customers can partake in the Edgecoin Staking protocols. These protocols offer incentives in the form of Gradecoin for deposited currencies such as the Euro, GBP, USD, and AED, with rewards being allocated after a set thirty-day period following the initial deposit.

Edgecoin Bank Cards

Edgecoin Bank further enhances user experience through its provision of three distinct banking card options, each tailored with unique rewards. These cards, compatible with Visa or Mastercard terminals, offer perks including lower transaction fees and cash-back in Gradecoin, thereby embedding flexibility and value into everyday transactions. The variety of cards—spanning from the basic blue to the premium black platinum—cater to different user needs and reward preferences.

Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet

Moreover, the Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet caters exclusively to verified Edgecoin community members, providing a secure platform for storing cryptocurrencies and facilitating transactions in a manner akin to other web3 wallets. This digital wallet underscores Edgecoin Bank’s commitment to merging the convenience of traditional banking with the innovation of blockchain technology.

EDGT Token

EDGT operates as a stablecoin, meticulously calibrated to reflect the value of the U.S. dollar. The company ensures this 1:1 value alignment by backing each token with a carefully balanced reserve, which includes assets like commercial paper, fiat currencies, cash reserves, repurchase agreements, and government securities, matching the total USD value of EDGT tokens available in the market.

The project’s foundational document reveals that EDGT has a capped supply of one billion tokens, with 210 million currently in distribution. The structure of its token distribution is designed to prioritize public ownership, with 95% of the tokens allocated to the public and the remaining 5% reserved for the project’s team members.

How Is the Edgecoin Network Secured?

The security of the Edgecoin Network is fortified through the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), distinguished by its four foundational pillars: decentralized governance, rapid processing, adaptable trust levels, and robust security measures. SCP ensures that the network’s consensus process is open to all participants, effectively eliminating any central authority’s control over decisions. This protocol facilitates swift and cost-effective transaction confirmations, while also incorporating safeguards to deter unauthorized access by potential threats.


Edgecoin (EDGT) is perceived as an innovative financial tool, merging the stability of fiat currencies with the efficiency and security of blockchain technology. It represents a stablecoin that aims to maintain a consistent value relative to the U.S. dollar, backed by a diverse array of assets to ensure its stability and reliability.

Edgecoin operates through a blockchain-based platform, utilizing mechanisms like the Stellar Consensus Protocol for security and efficiency. This innovative approach enables rapid, secure transactions and a stable value pegged to the U.S. dollar, facilitated by a reserve of assets that guarantees the token’s value.

The utility of Edgecoin extends beyond a mere digital asset; it’s designed to facilitate smoother, more secure cross-border transactions, serve as a stable medium of exchange, and provide users with access to various financial services on the blockchain. This encompasses everything from payments and transfers to staking and savings, highlighting its versatility in the digital economy.

According to details from Crunchbase, Luke Arliss is the founder and CEO of Edgecoin.

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