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When is the Hamster Kombat Listing?

Hamster Kombat has smashed the record for similar apps with its user count. By summer, over 100 million people are hooked on it. That’s almost three times more than the old favorite, Notcoin. Players are super excited for the project’s crypto exchange listing so they can turn their virtual wealth into real cash.

We’ll let you know when Hamster Kombat’s listing is happening, how to get the HMSTR token, which exchanges will support it, and what the coin might be worth.

hamster kombat listing

When will Hamster Kombat’s Airdrop Start?

The Airdrop in Hamster Kombat will probably kick off a few weeks before the listing, so by the time the project goes public, players will have plenty of HMSTR tokens to trade. This is backed up by the fact that the first task, linking a TON wallet, has already popped up in the Airdrop tab in the game.

What Airdrop in Hamster Kombat depends on

The project team has already officially announced that Airdrop will take into account not the number of mined coins, but the activity of players, in particular, the profit per hour.

hamster kombat airdrop

What other activity parameters we are talking about can only be guessed at. However, there are the following rumours about what else affects the airdrop:

  • Number of invited users – referrals affect not only the profit in the game, but also further revenue from the app. Most likely, depending on the friends invited to Hamster, coins will be given out.
  • Unique “Specials” cards – There are cards in the Specials section that cost a million coins but don’t give any profit. Some insiders say that coins can be given for them on drop.
  • New quests and activities – in the future there will probably be new goals, for the achievement of which coins and tokens can be added.

Hamster Kombat Listing Date

We don’t know the exact date yet, but the developers promise it will be soon. The listing was supposed to go live back in June, but during an early summer broadcast, they said it was pushed to July.

The official roadmap shows that a Web3 quest will kick off before the listing. Maybe the HMSTR token drop will happen during that event.

hamster kombat listing date

On Which Exchange Will the Listing Take Place

The Airdrop is all about giving away coins that you can later sell on different exchanges to make some real cash.

Hamster Combat’s listing will happen on multiple exchanges at once. You can already find the token in the pre-market on KuCoin. BingX has also followed Hamster Combat on social media, hinting at some cooperation.

You should also expect to see the HMSTR coin on OKX,, Bitget, HTX, and possibly on major exchanges like Binance and Bybit.

All exchanges require you to register and verify your identity with a passport, driver’s license, or another method, depending on the platform. If you don’t plan on trading and just want to hold the coin, you can use the built-in Telegram wallet, which is a simpler option.

How to Get Ready for the Listing

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on official announcements from Hamster Kombat and TON for the latest news.
  • Check Eligibility: Make sure you’re eligible for the HMSTR token distribution.
  • Link Your Wallet: Make sure your TON wallet is linked and ready for the listing.
  • In the Hamster Kombat app, check the “Airdrop” tab daily – you may find additional tasks there.

Hamster Kombat Pre-Market

Hamster Kombat pre-market is the trading of HMSTR tokens before the official launch and listing on exchanges. It takes place in an over-the-counter transaction format. Traders can place orders based on expected prices and quantities.

At the moment, preliminary trading is taking place on and KuCoin exchanges.

Pre-Market on lets you trade new tokens before they’re officially listed. This pre-market trading lets investors place orders based on expected prices and volumes, giving them a leg up before the official release.

Here’s what you need to know about pre-market trading on

  1. Trading commissions on HMSTR are 2% for everyone.
  2. Buyers and sellers have to stick to delivery deadlines and complete token transfers.
  3. If a seller defaults, the buyer gets compensation or the right number of tokens.
  4. Once an order is placed, it can’t be canceled, and buyers get their tokens once delivery is complete and all seller obligations are met.
  5. There’s a fee for failed deliveries, but it’s only refundable in certain cases.

The token prices in the premarket show what the market expects. This trading adds liquidity, helping keep market prices stable. Right now on, you can’t use leverage for HMSTR trading, so you have to pay the full amount of your order upfront.

Pre-Market on KuCoin

KuCoin jumped on the pre-market bandwagon with Hamster Kombat a while back. They’ve now announced the premarket launch for June 20.

Here’s what you need to know about pre-market trading on KuCoin:

  1. Trading HMSTR has a 2.5% commission.
  2. The pre-market lets buyers and sellers negotiate trades before the token officially launches.
  3. Delivery time is the period when tokens get transferred from sellers to buyers.
  4. Collateral level is the percentage of the order value you deposit as collateral.
  5. Pre-market trading stops once the new coin is officially listed on KuCoin.
  6. If the token listing gets delayed or cancelled, pre-market orders will be too.

To trade on KuCoin’s pre-market, find the token you’re interested in, place an order with the quantity and price, confirm it, and make sure to deliver on time. You can buy and sell as a maker or taker, with a deposit. Premarket prices are set by buyers and sellers, unfulfilled orders can be cancelled without commission, and late delivery might mean losing your collateral.

Estimated Token Price

The value of most cryptocurrencies is all about supply and demand. As of early summer 2024, we don’t know how many HMSTR tokens will hit the market, so predicting its price when trading starts is tricky. However, some players are making guesses by comparing it to the Notcoin clicker.

Hamster Kombat players think the HMSTR token will be worth at least $0.02 after listing. Many believe the average price will be between $0.05 and $0.07.

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