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What is Notcoin? Exploring the Play-to-Earn Telegram Game

Notcoin (NOT) is a Web3 gaming project that kicked off in the TON ecosystem on Telegram in January 2024. It quickly made a splash, becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volume and market cap. The game itself was a straightforward clicker where players mined virtual coins. This simple concept quickly snowballed into a massive Notcoin community with millions of users.

The game’s huge following on Telegram can be credited to smart marketing and how easy it was to get started. All you needed was a smartphone, Telegram, and your fingers to start mining. Players even formed pools — squads and mini-communities where they could chat, play together, and show off their achievements.

In April 2024, the game wrapped up, but things got even more exciting with the launch of coin trading on exchanges. Listing the token boosted trust in the project and made Notcoin a household name.

So, let’s dive into what Notcoin is all about, who’s behind it, and the opportunities it brings to the table.

what is notcoin

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin (NOT) is a play-to-earn token from the TON (The Open Network) family that’s been getting a lot of attention. Its addictive gameplay and easy access through Telegram have made it a hit.

The concept is super simple — just tap a coin on your phone screen to mine in-game currency. Each tap adds a certain amount of Notcoin to your virtual account. But there’s a catch: your mining energy is limited and regenerates over time, so you can’t mine coins endlessly. Now that all the coins are in circulation, the play-to-earn game has wrapped up.

Is Notcoin Real?

Notcoin’s sudden rise has made a lot of people wonder if it’s just a fancy scam. Like other meme coins, Notcoin doesn’t really have much practical use. It’s missing the usual stuff that gives a crypto project credibility — there’s no detailed white paper, clear roadmap, or transparent team info. If you look at the official Notcoin document, it’s basically blank pages.

But the teams behind TON and Telegram are really pushing Notcoin. It looks like they’re using it to get more people using the Telegram wallet and to introduce users to the TON infrastructure. Because of their involvement, it’s pretty safe to say that Notcoin isn’t a scam.

Notcoin is a real coin, and it does pay out. While you can’t earn NOT just by tapping a coin on Telegram anymore, you can still earn it by completing various tasks.

Team Notcoin

The Notcoin project is backed by a crew of seasoned developers from the Open Builders studio. The brains behind it all is Alexander Plotvinov, who unveiled the game at a Dubai conference in 2023.

Another key player is Open Builders co-founder Sergey Chikirev, who’s heavily involved in developing and promoting Notcoin. Altogether, more than 20 people, including programmers, marketers, and crypto experts, are working on this project. Their shared goal? To create a hit game integrated with the TON blockchain. Some experts even think there’s a connection between Notcoin, Pavel Durov, and Telegram.

On May 17th, Pavel Durov finally talked about Notcoin. In his post, he praised its success and highlighted how effective Telegram and TON are for creating crypto apps. Durov mentioned that launching Notcoin is a big step towards integrating cryptocurrencies into the Telegram ecosystem. He’s confident that the TON platform has huge potential to support various crypto projects.

How to Earn on Notcoin Now: Phase 2

Notcoin originally kicked off as a social clicker game on Telegram, where you could earn cryptocurrency by tapping on a gold coin. While you can’t play the game anymore, you can still earn Notcoin in other ways. They’ve shifted from a play-to-earn model to an explore-to-earn model.

With the new Notcoin Explore-to-Earn model, you can earn Notcoin by discovering Web3 products. Now, different levels unlock various campaigns and reward structures. Basically, you can do things like explore DeFi on TON or play indie games to earn $NOT. It’s all about getting you to explore the wider ecosystem and rewarding you for it.

Notcoin 2.0 is a space where you will learn about and get early access to new crypto projects and earn Notcoins.

Check out the scheme below to see how it works:

notcoin telegram game 2 phase

Find out more details on how to earn Notcoin today by visiting their official bot on Telegram.

Integration with the TON Blockchain

Notcoin is part of the TON (The Open Network) family, famous for its top-notch security and crazy speed, handling up to 104,715 transactions per second in tests!

Being integrated with TON means Notcoin gets all the perks of TON’s super secure, scalable, and efficient setup. Originally created by Telegram, TON is a decentralized blockchain that can handle millions of transactions per second. It includes the TON Blockchain, TON Storage, and TON Services, which provide a solid foundation for decentralized apps (dApps) and services.

With TON, Notcoin can easily connect with other TON-based apps and services, boosting its features and reach. The active TON community also helps Notcoin grow and get adopted more widely. Plus, teaming up with other TON projects will let Notcoin offer new ways for users to earn rewards, making it more useful and far-reaching.

Where Can You Find Notcoin?

You can find Notcoin on major exchanges like Binance, Bybit, OKX,, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Bitget, MEXC, and even Plus, there are a bunch of smaller exchanges and some decentralized ones on TON, like and CoinEx. A full list of exchanges on which Notcoin is traded can be found at coinmarketcap.

Since June, Notcoin has been trading with a daily volume consistently over $600 million, even hitting more than 7x that amount at its peak. Those are huge numbers! But what’s driving all this price action? Right now, it’s mostly price speculation.

Notcoin’s Roadmap

Notcoin is on the brink of several groundbreaking updates. The development team is gearing up to unveil a suite of new features and collaborations designed to elevate the user experience.

Notcoin is gearing up to offer staking for users, so you can earn interest on your $NOT tokens, making it even more rewarding to hold onto them.

Notcoin also wants to be the go-to spot for social and viral games. Alexander Plotvinov, co-creator of Open Builders, calls it the “Netflix for games.” This platform will let developers launch their social games to a huge audience and ready-made “squads”.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Notcoin has ambitious plans to integrate external projects and enable players to earn rewards through diverse collaborations within the TON ecosystem. This integration is set to enrich the gameplay experience and expand the utility of the NOT token across various platforms.

Notcoin aspires to cement its position as a trailblazer in the GameFi market by leveraging the robust TON blockchain infrastructure. The long-term vision encompasses expanding its user base and nurturing a dynamic, community-driven ecosystem. Continuous innovation is at the core of Notcoin’s strategy, with plans to introduce new games and applications that maximize the potential of the NOT token.

The ultimate mission is to spearhead the mass adoption of decentralized applications and digital currencies. By making blockchain technology both accessible and engaging through gaming, Notcoin aims to bridge the gap between the mainstream audience and the complex world of digital finance.

Stay tuned as Notcoin continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the GameFi universe, leading the charge towards a decentralized future.

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