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About WOO Network

The realm of digital assets and cryptocurrencies has seen tremendous growth and innovation over the past decade. As this nascent industry continues to evolve, certain projects stand out for their unique value propositions and long-term visions. One such initiative is WOO Network, a next-generation trading ecosystem aimed at driving liquidity and enhancing the trading experience for professional and novice traders alike.

History of Woo Network

WOO Network was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Jack Tan and Kartik Mandaville with the goal of building a platform to improve liquidity and trading analytics in the cryptocurrency markets. Headquartered in Singapore, WOO Network utilizes innovative trading protocols and incentives to connect traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms into a unified liquidity network.

The core team consists of professionals with backgrounds spanning traditional finance, Fintech, and blockchain technology. With their industry expertise, WOO Network was able to swiftly build up its ecosystem and gain recognition even during the 2018-2020 crypto winter. The project completed a $30 million funding round in 2021, attracting support from major institutional investors like Pantera Capital.

Key Features and Capabilities

At its core, WOO X brings together different cryptocurrency exchanges into a unified trading platform with shared liquidity pools. This amalgamation of liquidity substantially reduces spreads and slippage, enabling users to execute larger trades at better prices. Professional traders can utilize advanced order types like Iceberg and TWAP to optimize their strategies.

WOO X also integrates next-generation analytics leveraging AI and machine learning. Users get access to tools like whale watching, volatility analysis, transaction mining, and more – helping inform trading decisions with data intelligence. The platform further provides staking rewards, cash backs, rebates and other incentives to drive activity in its ecosystem.

WOO X Protocol for High Liquidity

The WOO X Protocol is the core innovation powering the liquidity capabilities and seamless trading experience on the network. By uniting isolated liquidity pools of partner exchanges, WOO X can aggregate trading volumes across 40+ trading pairs and $30-$60 million of daily volume.

This protocol uses order book analysis and smart order routing to split orders across multiple exchanges in a way that minimizes slippage for large block trades. Trade execution becomes near-instant and frictionless, while still allowing users to tap into the entire liquidity of the WOO X ecosystem.

WOO Token and Tokenomics

WOO is the native utility token that fuels the WOO Network ecosystem. It is used to pay trading fees on the platform, while also playing a central role in its incentives and rewards system. WOO token holders can stake their holdings to passively earn a yield, or provide liquidity to trading pairs to collect trading fees.

WOO has a fixed supply of 3 billion, of which 60% is allocated to community rewards and platform incentives. The tokenomics are designed to drive sustained user activity and trading volumes to create a self-reinforcing value accrual loop. As more trades occur on WOO X, more rewards are distributed, thus organically boosting the utility and demand for WOO.

WOO Ecosystem and Partnerships

While deeply innovative, WOO Network was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing industry infrastructure. It has established partnerships with over 40 cryptocurrency exchanges, including top players like Binance, OKEx and Huobi. Leading wallet provider Trust Wallet is also part of its ecosystem.

On the DeFi front, WOO Network has teamed up with DEX aggregators like 1inch to pool additional liquidity sources from AMMs. It also provides analytics and trade execution services to institutions like Alameda Research. Such collaborations bolster the use cases for WOO while increasing its market reach.

Future Development Plans

After successfully establishing its core trading platform and liquidity protocol, WOO is now focused on expanding the functionality of its ecosystem. Areas of development include launching margin and derivatives trading, rolling out prediction markets, and integrating NFTs with traditional financial instruments.

WOO also aims to expand its DeFi presence by bringing staking, lending and other on-chain services to users. For institutions, robust API access and new analytics tools are in the works. With a war chest of funding and strong leadership, WOO Network is poised to deliver on its roadmap in the years ahead.


As a liquidity-focused trading platform tailored for professional, institutional and retail traders, WOO Network taps into proven exchange mechanisms while augmenting them through technological innovation. Its impressive growth shows the strong product-market fit.

With Binance becoming both an investor and partner, WOO also bears the validation of the top global crypto exchange. For traders seeking a robust platform with advanced analytics, competitive pricing, and deep liquidity, WOO Network offers an appealing value proposition in the digital assets landscape.


WOO Network is a trading platform that aims to connect traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi projects through liquidity and trading services. It uses a decentralized architecture and automated market making to facilitate trading.

WOO Network was founded in 2018 by Kronos Research, a quantitative trading firm. The founding team includes John Robertson, Jack Tan, and Ben Yorke among others.

WOO Network operates through the use of masternodes which provide decentralized governance and enable trading functionalities like order matching and liquidity aggregation. The WOO token is used to pay fees and rewards on the network.

The main uses of WOO Network are to enable traders to access deep liquidity across multiple exchanges, reduce slippage and transaction costs, and enable new trading strategies through data analytics. Institutions can also use it for liquidity sourcing.

WOO Network’s native token WOO can be purchased on several major exchanges including Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io and Uniswap. It is an ERC-20 token.

For storing WOO tokens, considering security and accessibility is paramount. A reliable option for a cold mobile wallet is the IronWallet. This type of wallet allows users to keep their tokens offline, significantly reducing the risk of hacks and theft. Remember, the choice of wallet should align with individual security needs and how frequently the tokens will be accessed.

WOO Network differentiates itself through its focus on providing professional-grade trading infrastructure and analytics. The team’s trading background is a key advantage.

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