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About Gala

Gala (GALA), an Ethereum-based digital currency, fuels the operations of Gala Games, a pioneering platform set to transform the gaming sector by empowering players with ownership over their gaming experiences. This decentralized network seeks to radically open up the gaming world, restoring control to the players. In this system, participants possess not only their in-game assets but also influence the strategic direction of Gala Games. The community of players and node operators engage in collective decision-making processes, utilizing decentralized voting systems to decide on new additions to the platform or investments within the Gala Games network.

The GALA token serves as the foundational utility token within the Gala Games ecosystem. It is designed with cryptographic security and is inherent to the Gala Games infrastructure. Users can freely transfer GALA tokens amongst themselves, maintaining complete autonomy over its application. This token is integral to the functionality of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

History of Gala Games

Founded in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy, Gala Games emerged with the vision to create a gaming ecosystem where players could completely own and control their in-game assets. Schiermeyer, a former CRO at Intermix Media—the precursor to MySpace—and co-founder of Zynga, a company valued at seven billion dollars established in 2007 to “connect the world through games,” brought significant industry experience to the table. McCarthy, previously the creative director at Zynga, was instrumental in developing Farmville 2, a widely celebrated game on Facebook. Together, they identified a lucrative niche in play-to-earn gaming that could emphasize high-quality game development while remaining economically viable and transferring control to the players.

From its outset, Gala Games prioritized decentralization, opting against conventional early funding methods like initial coin offerings or presales. This strategy was aimed at fostering a natural progression in the distribution of tokens via their node network. The initial step involved expanding their gaming network through the sale of Founder’s Nodes, which are central to the Gala Games ecosystem. These nodes are compensated with Gala tokens, NFTs, and governance rights.

Currently, Gala is concentrating on the development of its proprietary blockchain, GalaChain, and securing partnerships with prominent entities and accomplished game studios. GalaChain is set to significantly lower network fees and enhance scalability beyond what is possible on Ethereum. Gala has successfully forged alliances with notable figures and brands including Frank Miller, Under Armour, and AMC’s The Walking Dead, among others. Gala Games is poised to challenge the prevailing free-to-play model popularized by Fortnite, where players typically have only leased access to in-game items, by offering a model where players have true ownership.

How does Gala Games work?

The Gala network, originally anchored on the Ethereum blockchain, now extends its prowess through a strategic bridge to the Binance Smart Chain, enhancing transaction speed and reducing costs. This network leverages a robust architecture of “Founder’s Nodes,” crucial in validating in-game transactions while bolstering the network with essential processing and storage capabilities.

Operators of these Founder Nodes are compensated with GALA tokens, which not only serve as a currency within the ecosystem but also empower operators with voting rights on governance matters. Moreover, these operators stand a chance to acquire rare NFTs through daily drops, adding an element of reward and engagement.

Expanding its gaming portfolio, Gala Games has introduced two free-to-play titles to its users. ‘Town Star’ offers a simulation where players can construct and oversee their own virtual towns, enhancing their experience with purchasable NFTs and engaging in competitive challenges for play-to-earn rewards. Additionally, ‘Spider Tanks’ pitches players in a dynamic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), where they can customize their own “spider tank” and engage in combat with others.

The development pipeline at Gala Games is bustling with activity, featuring seven upcoming games that span across tower defense, first-person shooter, and space exploration genres. Complementing its gaming universe, Gala Games hosts an integrated NFT marketplace that categorizes in-game assets into six distinct rarity classes — from Common to Ancient — all tradable with cryptocurrencies facilitated by CoinPayments.

Under the aegis of Gala Labs, a specialized division within Gala Games, an innovative avatar NFT project named Vox is underway. These voxel-based avatars, minted as ERC-721 tokens, boast randomized traits and can double as playable characters across the company’s expansive game catalog.

What Is GALA Token

The GALA token is pivotal to the functionality of the Gala Games ecosystem, operating as an ERC-20 token that enhances the player experience through several key utilities.

Primarily, GALA is integral to governance on the platform, empowering players to influence the course of the ecosystem’s development. Through GALA, players can propose, vote on, and implement changes, promoting a governance model that is led by its community.

Additionally, the token is crucial for in-game economics, facilitating transactions within the Gala Games marketplace. Players use GALA to purchase, sell, and trade various in-game assets and items, thus driving the virtual economy. The total supply is capped at around 50 billion GALA.

Partnerships with Other Companies

Gala Games has already secured some high-profile partnerships with other gaming and blockchain companies. Notable partners include:

  • Brave browser – building blockchain gaming browser
  • AMD – providing hardware for node infrastructure
  • Microsoft – utilization of Azure cloud platform
  • TrustSwap – collaborating on security and transactions
  • Axie Infinity – leading Play to Earn game

These partnerships demonstrate the strong network Gala is building in the blockchain gaming space. The company will leverage these relationships to build out its platform and reach more gamers.

The Future of Gala Games

While still in the early stages, Gala Games has huge potential to be a leader in blockchain gaming. With more games set for launch in 2023, Gala could see massive growth in users, transactions, and value.

If Gala succeeds in creating truly fun and addictive games that seamlessly integrate blockchain perks, it may well revolutionize the industry. Attracting traditional gamers to this new model will be key.

The future looks bright for Gala Games as it strives to give players greater control and ownership than ever before possible in gaming. The next few years will prove whether Gala can fulfill this vision and transition gaming into the blockchain age.


GALA can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and others. It is important to check if the chosen exchange supports users from your country.

GALA can be stored in wallets that support Ethereum-based tokens such as Atomic Wallet, Ledger, Guarda Wallet and non-custodial mobile wallet IronWallet. These wallets allow for the safe management and exchange of GALA and other cryptocurrencies.

While GALA mining isn’t similar to traditional cryptocurrency mining like Bitcoin, you can earn GALA by operating a Gala Node, which allows participants to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs as part of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

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