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About Chiliz

Chiliz is a leading blockchain provider for sports and entertainment brands. It operates the fan engagement platform and fan token platform on its proprietary blockchain. Chiliz aims to monetize and incentivize the global fanbase of various sports teams and leagues as well as esports organizations through blockchain-based fan tokens.

History and Background

Chiliz was founded in 2018 by Alexandre Dreyfus, who also founded the sports trading company Chiliz raised over $66 million in private placements and launched its mainnet blockchain in early 2019. By 2021, Chiliz had opened offices in multiple locations and launched partnerships with over 20 major sports organizations.

As an ERC-20 token first built on the Ethereum blockchain, Chiliz later launched its own proprietary blockchain in 2019 to specifically accommodate the fan token model with high scalability for its partner base of millions of users.

Use Cases and Partnerships

Chiliz provides sports teams and organizations the ability to launch branded fan tokens on its blockchain. These tokens allow fans to participate, vote in polls, compete in fantasy leagues, access VIP rewards, and more. Chiliz takes a percentage of the revenue from initial fan token sales and trading fees.

Chiliz has partnered with some of the largest sports franchises and organizations globally. Its partners include FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, UFC, Atlético de Madrid, AS Roma, and many more. The company is constantly expanding with new partnerships across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

CHZ Tokens and Utility

The CHZ token is the native currency of the Chiliz blockchain used to power various transactions. It’s used for fan token purchases, executing votes and polls, processing rewards, trading fan tokens on Chiliz Exchange, and paying trading fees.

As Chiliz’s fan token partners and userbase expands over time, demand for CHZ will increase as more transactional utility occurs across the Chiliz and Socios platforms. The fixed supply should make CHZ more scarce over time. The token supply started at 8.8 billion CHZ and his capped at 12.7 billion CHZ.

Blockchain Infrastructure

The Chiliz blockchain utilizes a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that can currently process over 10,000 transactions per second. This high throughput is needed to scale out fan engagement and voting across Chiliz’s global userbase.

Chiliz uses sidechains to provide custom infrastructure for each sports partner so they can optimize the fan experience. The sidechain model also provides flexibility to launch permissioned or public chains based on the partner’s preferences. User security is maintained across the broader Chiliz ecosystem.

Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are branded cryptocurrencies minted in partnership between Chiliz and the sports organization. Fan token holders can vote in polls, compete in contests to win rewards and unique experiences, purchase NFTs, get VIP perks, chat online, and more. Fans must first purchase the tokens before accessing any engagement features.

Some examples of popular Chiliz fan tokens are $BAR from FC Barcelona, $JUV for Juventus, and $PSG for Paris Saint-Germain. There’s a fixed supply for each fan token, ensuring scarcity. All fan tokens can be traded on Chiliz Exchange against other tokens or the CHZ base currency.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Chiliz outlined an extensive roadmap through 2023 and beyond as part of its recent “$CHZ Growth Plan” presentation. Upcoming key milestones include further exchange listings, mobile app updates, NFT capabilities, P2P trading, credit & debit card payments, marketing/distribution integrations with leaders like Binance and Coinbase.

Ongoing goals are to onboard major new partners in various geographies, expand functionality of current products, drive user growth, nurture the developer/partner ecosystem, and execute strategic acquisitions. If executed properly, Chiliz could achieve dominant mainstream adoption for crypto-powered fan engagement and related services globally across sports & entertainment.

Comparison to Competitors

Although some other crypto projects have explored sports fan token models, Chiliz remains far ahead as the market leader based on its established platform infrastructure, number of official partnerships, userbase network effects, trading volumes, and Competitors such as Bitci and Fantasy Sports remain small.

No other competitor has matched Chiliz’s level of traction across fan token profiles, user reach, major league deals, and onboarding of popular fan bases across such diverse sporting verticals. This gives Chiliz pole position as sports entities gravitate towards crypto fan engagement and voting options beyond digital collectibles.

Risks and Challenges

Like most crypto projects, Chiliz faces execution risk as it works towards aggressive growth plans and new technical integrations. Failing to effectively monetize partners and users, botched product rollouts, conflicts over revenue shares, security issues, and marketing/adoption missteps could slow progress. Flare ups with overall crypto market volatility poses external risk as well.

There is also the challenge of upholding partnerships given that sports organizations have complex bureaucracies and politics across internal stakeholders. This can jeopardize alignments over strategic planning, activation timelines, and disputes over commercial terms. Significant personnel turnover on the team would additionally set back operations and deal making capacity.


As pioneers of crypto-enabled fan engagement and branded tokens for sports partners, Chiliz maintains commanding positioning to capitalize on surging interest at the intersection of entertainment, crypto adoption, and innovative revenue streams. Its visionary model for empowering and monetizing global fan bases appears poised for mainstream traction.

Execution on regional expansion, high-profile partnerships, scaled platform infrastructure, and compelling tokenomics can make Chiliz a juggernaut in years to come. The window remains open for Chiliz to lead the pack as sports brands make investments into deepening direct fan engagement powered by blockchain utilities.


Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency token used on the fan engagement platform. It allows fans to buy voting rights and influence decisions of their favorite sports teams.

Chiliz was founded in 2018 by Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of the social voting platform The aim was to create a token to monetize the engagement between sports teams and their fans.

The Chiliz token runs on blockchain networks to ensure transparency and security. Fans on can acquire CHZ to participate in polls and access rewards. Sports teams receive CHZ in exchange for fan engagement opportunities.

CHZ has a variety of uses on the platform. Fans can purchase Fan Tokens for their teams and use CHZ to vote in polls and earn rewards. Teams use CHZ to create Fan Tokens and incentivize fan engagement.

Chiliz is available on many major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and KuCoin. Check out a full list of exchanges where you can buy CHZ here.

For secure storage of CHZ, a non-custodial wallet like IronWallet is recommended, where you control your private keys.

Chiliz focuses specifically on the sports and entertainment industry. Its purpose-built blockchain and token model incentivizes engagement between fans and organizations.

No, Chiliz cannot be mined. All CHZ tokens were minted at creation and distributed during the token sale. New CHZ enters circulation as rewards for engagement on

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