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The most secure and convenient crypto wallet

Non-custodial hardware wallet that helps you to find the best opportunities in the crypto world

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    Secure storage

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    Non-custodial wallet

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    Unlimited numbers of wallets

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    NFC Card

Choose your IronWallet NFC card

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IronWallet NFC card is designed to store your seed phrase securely. You can keep one in a safe place and the 2nd card with you in your wallet, so we ship you two cards in one package.

You can restore your wallet from the NFC card in case your app is deleted or your phone has been lost. More secure than saving your phrase on a piece of paper.

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IronWallet Benefits

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    One of the most important factors is the convenience of the company’s services, the comprehensibility and intuitiveness of the interface. Our wallets are able to meet all of these standards.

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    Your keys, your crypto

    No one has access to your private keys, and therefore can’t share them. Only you have complete control under the keys, along with the funds.

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    Private & secure

    No accounts, no verification, no KYC procedures are required to access the core functionality of the wallet. No one can block your funds.

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    The commitment to our users means that we value all of your reviews and turn your feedback into improvement of our services.

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