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About Aragon

Aragon is an open-source project building tools for decentralized organizations to self-govern. The project aims to enable communities, DAOs, and protocols to easily manage their organizations, raise funds, and make collective decisions in a secure and transparent manner.

At its core, Aragon offers a modular platform for creating decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and decentralized apps. Anyone can use Aragon’s tools and framework to establish a customized governance system with built-in features like identity management, ownership controls, voting mechanisms, fundraising options, and more.

Creation of the Aragon Network

The Aragon Network is the first digital jurisdiction completely operated by DAOs on Ethereum. It launched in early 2020 after over two years of research and development.

The Aragon Network establishes an ecosystem where DAOs can thrive safely in a decentralized and secure environment. DAOs within the network have the ability to resolve disputes and conflicts using “digital jurisdiction” without relying on conventional legal systems.

Some key components powering the Aragon Network include the Aragon Court for dispute resolution, the ANT token for governance, and a variety of software tools for easily launching new DAOs. As more DAOs join, a networked system emerges that reflects the ideals of decentralization and community governance.

Aragon Court

A key component of the Aragon Network is the Aragon Court, which functions as a decentralized dispute resolution protocol. It allows ANT token holders to participate as jurors to adjudicate disputes involving DAOs and decentralized apps within the network.

The innovative court design aligns economic incentives in a way where jurors are rewarded for voting honestly and penalized for acting maliciously. This “subjective disputing” mechanism aims to produce fair, equitable judgements that reflect the community’s ethics and values.

As DAO adoption grows, the Aragon Court provides a scalable, efficient solution to conflicts that may arise. It also reduces reliance on conventional legal systems that are incompatible with decentralized entities. Over time, precedent will accumulate to form a body of case law governed entirely by DAO jurors.

Aragon Chain Interoperability

While Aragon is built on Ethereum, the project intends to deliver benefits to a much wider audience across multiple blockchains. Connecting with popular Layer 1 and 2 solutions is key.

Recent initiatives like aragonOS 5 have introduced substantial improvements in chain interoperability and cross-chain data protocols. These efforts pave the way for decentralized identities, tokens, and organizations created on Aragon to seamlessly integrate across Polkadot, Optimism, Polygon and more.

Enabling full cross-chain capabilities will empower Aragon organizations and Court jurors to cooperate across protocols. It brings the possibilities of Aragon further beyond the bounds of Ethereum to achieve the project’s decentralization vision.

Aragon Virtual Meetings

To encourage transparent governance, Aragon recently launched Aragon Govern, a module that enables trusted virtual meetings for DAOs and shareholder meetings.

Aragon Govern has built-in voting utilities, identity verification systems, and documentation tools that create structured, secure spaces for stakeholders to convene virtually. Meetings support both on-chain and off-chain participants with features like encrypted live streaming.

The software facilitates governance best practices, so DAOs can digitally mirror effective real-world organizational meetings. It’s a stepping stone enabling further decentralization through virtual environments built on trust and active participation.

Aragon Fundraising

Aragon also provides decentralized fundraising tools for DAO treasuries and community initiatives. This includes Aragon Fundraising, which allows tokens to be distributed through fair, transparent capital raises.

DAOstack and other models have also been implemented for innovations in decentralized budgeting. Gitcoin and Giveth integrations even enable quadratic funding and crowdfunding directly through the Aragon platform.

As emerging organizers and grassroots projects need new models for community capital formation, Aragon’s fundraising instruments creatively pioneer techniques for allocating shared funds.

Use Cases for Aragon

Aragon’s tools can support nearly any group with coordination or collective decision-making needs. Current use cases demonstrating Aragon’s versatility include:

  1. DAOs: investor groups, protocols, social clubs, charitable causes
  2. DeFi Protocols: Managing project development, governance, and treasury
  3. E-Commerce Stores: Client services, inventory tracking, vendor agreements
  4. Gaming Guilds & Clans: Member permissions, voting, reward distribution
  5. Musician Fan Clubs: Ticketing, merch sales, unlocking exclusive content
  6. Social Media Networks: Content moderation, policy changes, join requests

Nearly any organization type stands to gain from Aragon’s governance capabilities – delivering strategic ownership and operational control to stakeholders through decentralization.

The ANT Token

The ANT ERC-20 token enables holders to participate in governance of the Aragon Network. ANT holders can vote on upgrades to the network, elect the network’s governance panel, and operate as jurors within the Aragon Court system.

As an incentive to provide good judgements during disputes, active jurors who vote with the majority consensus on cases are awarded additional ANT as compensation. However, jurors who vote out of consensus are similarly penalized through temporary token locking.

This token model incentivizes honest, high-integrity participation to serve the goals of the community. As more users join to exercise governance rights, ANT becomes increasingly valuable and vital to the network’s security.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Development continues rapidly on expanding Aragon’s capabilities. Goals moving forward include enhancing cross-chain integrations, ensuring global regulatory compliance, and implementing under-collateralized lending for DAOs through a liquidity pool.

Establishing more partnerships with major protocols and platforms will also strengthen the burgeoning Aragon ecosystem. Ongoing research initiatives explore frontier concepts like decentralized autonomous services, revocable voting commitments, and futarchy prediction modeling.

As technology progresses and disruption ensues, Aragon remains steadfast on its radical mission – providing the essential tools for transformative decentralized governance on a global scale.

What Experts Predict

Drilling into the future projections of Aragon Cryptocurrency, it becomes evident how experts anticipate it to revolutionize the decentralized business ecosystem vastly. A profound comprehension of this extraordinary technology predicts an ambition to establish a new digital jurisdiction which would democratize entrepreneurial access to regulatory privileges. This could potentially disrupt traditional geopolitical constraints and power structures.

Experts also anticipate an upward trend for Aragon. Considering the technological advancement along with its adoption rate, it is anticipated to boost the return on investment horizon. On the flip side, like any Cryptocurrency, Aragon also grapples with the global regulatory landscape, market volatility, and emerging competitive technologies.

However, cognizant of these challenges, the team behind Aragon seems unrelentingly focused on innovating and developing their platform, making it more user-friendly. Introducing new features and updates, they strive to match and surpass the shifting expectations of the digital market. Undeniably, Aragon forecasts a bright future with a strategic thrust on flexibility, user experience, and aligning with market needs. This sustainable adaptation approach perhaps defines the trajectory of Aragon’s future success in the Cryptocurrency terrain.


Aragon empowers any organization, at any scale, to distribute ownership and control fairly among stakeholders. By easing the path to decentralized governance, Aragon unlocks new opportunities for collective human coordination previously unattainable.

Code and values align to definitively push decentralized progress forward. The pioneering tools and radical vision behind the Aragon Network demonstrate promising potential to fundamentally rewire society’s constraints.


Aragon is a decentralized platform that allows users to create and manage decentralized organizations and autonomous entities on the Ethereum blockchain. It seeks to eliminate intermediaries and centralized points of failure by using blockchain technology.

Aragon was co-founded by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. They launched it with the vision of democratizing organizational structures and decision-making processes.

Aragon operates on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to automate organization-related tasks. The platform offers customizable tools and templates which users can deploy to set up their decentralized organization. Features such as voting, fundraising, and payroll can be managed seamlessly through the platform.

Aragon is primarily used to create, manage, and govern decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other decentralized entities. This includes functionalities like token management, governance decisions, financial management, and more.

Aragon’s native token, ANT, can be purchased on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. Before purchasing, it’s essential to do due diligence and choose a reputable platform.

The ANT token can be stored in any Ethereum-compatible wallet. For enhanced security, using hardware wallets or non-custodial solutions such as IronWallet is recommended. These types of wallets give users complete control over their private keys, ensuring greater safety from hacks.

Aragon stands out due to its comprehensive toolset for decentralized organizations. Its modular approach allows for high customization, ensuring that various types of organizations can adapt the platform to their specific needs. The Aragon platform’s focus on governance and the broader vision of creating a digital jurisdiction further differentiates it.

No, Aragon’s ANT token isn’t mined like traditional cryptocurrencies. Instead, it was initially distributed through a token sale. ANT’s supply is fixed, and it’s primarily used for governance purposes within the Aragon ecosystem.

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