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About ApeCoin

APEcoin (APE) is a new cryptocurrency that launched in 2022. It is the governance token of the APE Foundation, which was founded by Yuga Labs, the creators of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. APE aims to allow the Bored Ape community to help shape the future of the ApeCoin DAO.

History of APEcoin

APEcoin was launched in March 2022 with an airdrop to Bored Ape NFT holders. 10,094 APE tokens were given to each wallet holding at least one Bored Ape. This airdrop accounted for 15% of the total supply, distributing around 150 million tokens to NFT holders.

The remaining supply was split with 48% going to Yuga Labs, and 36% going to the ApeCoin DAO treasury. The treasury funds are intended to support the development and growth of the APE ecosystem over time.

This novel distribution helped drive significant excitement and demand around the launch of APE. The price quickly rose to over $20 in the first days of trading.

What Makes APEcoin Unique?

There are a few key factors that make APE stand out:

  • Association with Bored Ape Yacht Club – The hugely popular Bored Ape NFTs have created a strong brand effect, which brings validity and attention to ApeCoin.
  • Governance capabilities – APE holders are able to participate in governing decisions about the ecosystem through the DAO. This provides a use case beyond speculation.
  • Backing of Yuga Labs – The involvement of Yuga Labs gives credibility to the project and its future roadmap. As a leader in NFTs and web3, Yuga brings expertise and connections.
  • Focus on culture – APE is branded around internet and meme culture. This provides a unique appeal compared to more generic cryptocurrencies.

Trading on Exchanges

APE is available on most major exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, FTX and others. It trades actively, with daily trading volumes in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The liquidity on exchanges makes it easy for investors to buy and sell APE. The ample trading activity also reduces the risk of major price swings and slippage when trading.

APE is paired against Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USD Coin (USDC) on most exchanges. This gives traders numerous options for buying APE with other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Community and Team

The Bored Ape community brings a built-in userbase to ApeCoin. NFT holders who received the airdrop have a vested interest in the growth and success of the project.

The ApeCoin DAO allows all APE holders to be involved in governance decisions. This helps align incentives between the core team and community members.

Yuga Labs leads the development and evolution of the ecosystem. As the creators of the Bored Apes and highly respected builders in web3, they bring expertise and industry connections.

Risks and Criticisms

Some of the notable risks and criticisms around APE include:

  • Speculation around short-term price gains – Like many cryptocurrencies APE has seen volatile price swings, with speculation likely driving a portion of interest.
  • High concentration of supply – The large allocations to Yuga Labs and the DAO treasury means the circulating supply is relatively centralized.
  • Questions around utility – Beyond governance and speculation, some argue APE currently lacks unique utility compared to other cryptocurrencies.
  • Dependence on Bored Apes – If interest in the Bored Ape NFTs were to significantly decline, it could negatively impact the APE ecosystem.

Future Outlook

APEcoin has ambitious plans to drive utility and adoption of the tokens.

Some of the areas the team is focused on include:

  • Launching metaverse games, apps and other products that incorporate ApeCoin.
  • Onboarding content creators, artists and developers to accept APE as payment.
  • Partnering with merchants, ticketing platforms and other services to use APE for payments and transactions.
  • Expanding the capabilities of the ApeCoin DAO to give token holders more influence and ownership.

The success of APE will depend on execution across these fronts to deliver real utility and value to holders beyond speculation.


While risks remain, APEcoin is one of the more promising new cryptocurrency projects thanks to the strength of the Bored Ape brand and the expertise of Yuga Labs.

Real-world utility has not yet fully developed but the roadmap highlights areas where APE could prove useful and integrated widely. With proper community management and technology development, APE has potential to be a leading digital currency aligned with internet culture.


ApeCoin has several use cases within the BAYC ecosystem. It can be used for payments, rewards, community incentives, metaverse access and more. The possibilities expand as the network grows.

ApeCoin can be purchased on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, FTX and others. You can buy it with fiat or by trading other cryptos.

ApeCoin can be safely stored in IronWallet, a popular non-custodial wallet for crypto assets and NFTs. It gives you full control while ensuring optimal security.

ApeCoin differs from other cryptos in that it is community-driven by members of the BAYC ecosystem. Holders get say in governance matters and access to exclusive benefits.

Unlike cryptos like Bitcoin, ApeCoin cannot be mined. The max supply is 1 billion tokens, distributed through launch, community incentives and participation.

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