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Blum Bot on Telegram: New Mini App of the Crypto Tap Mining

Today, with the buzz around Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, there’s another cool crypto project making waves – Blum. It’s run by some ex-Binance folks and is basically a decentralized exchange that works through Telegram.

But here’s the fun part: Blum has this mini-game you can play through the Blum Bot on Telegram. In the game, you can mine Blum Points ($BP), and each point you earn will be turned into a token by the end of the year. Pretty neat, right?

blum crypto

Blum Crypto Bot Overview

Blum Bot isn’t just another crypto mining bot, it’s a full-on exchange that blends the best of modern crypto tech. With a team made up of ex-Binance managers, Blum Bot has quickly earned users’ trust thanks to their experience and professionalism.

One of the coolest things about Blum is its hybrid nature. It mixes centralized and decentralized elements, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re into trading big-name cryptocurrencies, new altcoins, or project-backed tokens, Blum’s got all the tools you need to trade like a pro.

Blum also has a unique feature — a BP coin mining bot. This bot makes it super easy to earn tokens by just following a few simple steps.

Blum is Gaining Popularity

Blum has already snagged over 10 million users in just two months since its launch, hitting some major milestones that hint at big success as it gears up for its official release and token listing.

According to a May 31st tweet from the X team, Blum’s Telegram channel is now the fourth largest in the world, with over 9.6 million subscribers, right behind Hamster Combat, Tapswap, and Telegram Tips.

On top of that, Binance Labs announced Blum as one of 13 early-stage projects on March 1st. Blum was picked out of over 700 applicants for season 7 of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program.

Being part of the MVB Accelerator Program doesn’t guarantee investment, but getting on that list shows that even big names like Binance see serious potential in the Blum crypto project.

How to access Blum

Now when you try to launch the application, you will see the following message:

blum bot telegram

Unfortunately, you can access the project only by invitations, but there are a limited number of them too. It is easy to find an invitation link on the Internet, many users of the application share the invite in their posts or comments.

Once you receive the invitation link, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the link and launch the bot.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Create a unique nickname for yourself (the default is the one in Telegram). You can also set an avatar.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the app to be configured.

Done – you can start using Blum.

Coin Mining in Blum Crypto

blum crypto gameplay

The Blum bot offers several ways to earn money, but the main one is coin mining.

How BP Mining Works

Mining on the Blum platform is super easy and user-friendly. All you need to do is log into the app a few times a day and collect the coins the bot has mined over the last 8 hours. Just hit the “Claim” button, and the mining restarts. This way, you can steadily grow your balance without needing big investments or any fancy tech skills.

How to Earn More BP

  1. Drop Game: To play the drop game, you need diamonds, which you get just by logging into the app daily. The game’s simple: catch falling flowers, which turn into BP and get added to your balance. The drop game not only makes earning more fun but also helps you rack up BP coins, giving you extra motivation to use the app every day.
  2. Referral Program: With the referral program, you can earn passive income by inviting friends to join the platform. You’ll get 10% of the income from first-level friends and 2.5% from second-level friends. Boost your passive income by buying Telegram bot subscribers through the bot promotion service, which helps attract more referrals and increase your earnings. It’s a great way to earn more while helping grow the Blum community.
  3. Tasks: You can also earn extra BP coins by completing simple tasks. These tasks might include subscribing to a channel, doing small tasks in the app, or promoting Blum on social media. Completing tasks helps you increase your income and stay engaged with the platform.

Blum is bringing a fresh approach to cryptocurrency exchanges by mixing the best parts of centralized and decentralized platforms. This means new opportunities for trading crypto with added security, speed, and convenience.

Token Airdrop

A token drop giveaway will soon be held to reward participants for their activity and support of the project. This approach not only incentivizes users to register and use the platform but also helps create a community of loyal and interested participants. Dropping tokens will allow many users to get their first BP coins, increasing their interest in further use and investment in the project.

When’s the BP Token Listing?

Blum’s got a big fan base already, all eagerly waiting for the BP token to be listed. According to the project roadmap, the devs plan to beef up the invite system to attract even more users. Before the listing, Blum aims to form strategic partnerships and upgrade the infrastructure with help from Binance Labs. They’re focusing on adding cool new features in Q2 2024 to make using Blum even more fun and convenient. The currency listing and the online platform launch are expected by the end of this year, with the coin’s price being set closer to launch.

As Blum rolls out its wallet and looks to reward users for their participation, early adopters might get an airdrop of BP this summer. But, keep in mind, that’s still just a rumor.

Big exchanges like Binance, OKX, Bybit, and others might support BP. It could also be part of the TON ecosystem. Stay tuned!


Thanks to the experience of the team and a well-thought-out strategy for attracting users, the Blum project has successfully started and continues to develop, offering its participants unique opportunities for earning and trading cryptocurrencies. The BP token has become an important element of this ecosystem, providing users with incentives to actively participate and maintain interest in the project. With such strong foundations and community support, Blum is well-positioned for continued success and a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market.

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