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About SingularDTV

SingularDTV is pioneering the creation of a decentralized entertainment sector. In September 2019, it unveiled the inaugural Censorship Resistant Media DAO: The SNGLS DAO. This DAO is tasked with overseeing the non-profit governance framework for the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol. Formed by SingularDTV as a separate and unbiased entity, its main goal is to maintain the principles of decentralization and to foster the development of a genuinely decentralized, community-driven, and self-evolving media distribution protocol.

Mission SingularDTV

SingularDTV is presented as a blockchain-based platform for distributing digital content. It operates as a decentralized system, featuring its own cryptocurrency, SNGLS, to support artists and content creators in the development, monetization, protection, and management of their work through blockchain technology.

Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum and the blockchain company ConsenSys, plays a pivotal role in SingularDTV, positioning it at the forefront of the endeavor.

SingularDTV’s primary mission is to foster a flourishing decentralized entertainment sector. To kickstart the project, the initiative aimed to raise $7.5 million, setting a minimum funding target of $500,000.

How Does SingularDTV Work?

SingularDTV operates as a platform for producing and distributing content, leveraging Ethereum’s framework. Its ambition extends beyond merely crafting premium TV shows, films, and artistic works; it aims to transform the outdated mechanisms of the creative industry into a business model that is both efficient and transparent. This transformation is achievable through the implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and widespread adoption. The goal of SingularDTV (S-DTV) is to produce content that is not only informative and enlightening but also serves as a source of inspiration for global thinkers.

SingularDTV stands out as part of a select group of enterprises known as CODEs, or centrally-organized distributed entities. It operates on a crowd-funded model, with “owners” or token holders sharing in its governance. These tokens, officially referred to as “SNGLS”, embody ownership in the intellectual property rights of S-DTV’s ventures in film, TV, and software.

The governance structure of SingularDTV is dual-faceted, featuring decentralized and centralized components. The decentralized aspect is anchored in the Ethereum blockchain through a tokenized Smart Contract System, with SNGLS tokens denoting a stake in the intellectual property of S-DTV. On the other hand, the centralized aspect is managed by various corporate entities responsible for overseeing the allocation of S-DTV’s resources, project execution, and overall development.

Key Elements

The platform is structured around four key elements:

  • SINGULAR: This component is a sci-fi mini-series spread across three seasons, exploring themes of decentralization and technological progress within a futuristic setting.
  • S-DTV DOCUMENTARY SECTION: This division focuses on creating documentary films that delve into the intricacies of Blockchain technology.
  • S-DTV RIGHTS MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: This part of the platform oversees the management of digital rights, including copyright, earnings, and rental charges for the content produced and shared by SingularDTV.
  • S-DTV TRANSACTION ON DEMAND VIDEO (TVOD) PORTAL: This feature facilitates the distribution of SingularDTV’s offerings via platforms like GooglePlay, Apple iTunes, and Vimeo, implementing a pay-per-view model for each video file.


SNGLS acts as the cornerstone “Mother” token for the SingularDTV platform, with numerous applications within the platform being driven by a specialized tokenized infrastructure. These applications leverage “Child” tokens linked to SNGLS/SingularDTV, which in turn enrich the value of SNGLS through a variety of mechanisms. A prime example is SingularX, which accrues transaction fees. These fees are managed and allocated via the SNGX token, which is the central token of SingularX. With a 50% ownership of all SNGX tokens (equally divided between SingularDTV and Centrality), holders of SNGLS tokens stand to gain from the value created by SNGX. This gain is facilitated through the mechanism of distributing SNGX tokens directly to SNGLS token holders via airdrops. Currently, SingularDTV maintains a total supply of one billion tokens, with 600 million of these actively circulating.



Situated as a forefront blockchain innovation hub in the Asia-Pacific, Centrality is dedicated to crafting a decentralized marketplace based on a peer-to-peer model, supported by an ecosystem of interconnected applications aimed at enhancing daily utility. The 2018 CENNZ Token Generation Event by Centrality was among the most successful launches in the blockchain arena, making it a pivotal collaborator for SingularDTV in the development of decentralized applications and modules, backed by its robust team of over 50 developers.

Digital MOB

Originating from Bucharest, the Digital MOB developer community has significantly influenced the Ethereum ecosystem’s architecture and aesthetics. Acting as the Romanian extension for ConsenSys and SingularDTV, Digital MOB has been instrumental in developing and managing the Tokit platform.


Co-founded by Ethereum’s Joe Lubin, who also serves as SingularDTV’s CTO, ConsenSys is a venture studio based in Brooklyn. It boasts involvement in more than 50 initiatives, ranging from decentralized applications and advisory services to the implementation of blockchain technology in business solutions.


SingularDTV is a blockchain-based entertainment studio and distribution platform that integrates blockchain technology to empower artists and creators with a transparent and fair way to manage and distribute their content. This platform is designed to disrupt the traditional entertainment industry by offering a decentralized approach to content production, rights management, and distribution.

SingularDTV was founded by Zach LeBeau, Kim Jackson, Joseph Lubin, and Arie Levy-Cohen. Joseph Lubin is notably also a co-founder of Ethereum, which underpins the technological framework of SingularDTV.

SingularDTV operates by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized platform where artists and content creators can produce, manage, and distribute their work directly to consumers without the need for traditional intermediaries. It uses smart contracts to automate rights management and revenue distribution, ensuring creators receive fair compensation for their work.

SingularDTV is utilized as a platform for creators to produce, manage, and distribute digital content directly to their audience. It is particularly used for films, music, and other forms of digital entertainment content. By using SingularDTV, creators can maintain control over their intellectual property rights and revenue streams, enabling a direct connection with their audience.

SNGLS tokens can be purchased on platforms like Coinbase and Binance. The process typically involves creating an account on these exchanges, buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, and then exchanging these for SNGLS tokens.

Since SNGLS is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, it can be stored in any ETH compatible wallet. Recommended wallets include those which support ERC-20 tokens, like Ledger and Trezor, in combination with interfaces like MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto.

What distinguishes SingularDTV from other platforms is its foundational use of blockchain technology to create a decentralized entertainment ecosystem. Unlike traditional entertainment and content distribution networks, SingularDTV places the power directly in the hands of creators and consumers. It bypasses traditional gatekeepers, offering a transparent, fair, and direct pathway for content monetization and distribution, all backed by the immutable nature of blockchain technology.

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