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About Orbler

Orbler (ORBR) represents a progressive Web3 marketing ecosystem that enhances community engagement through activities, investment, and immediate incentives. The shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is significantly transforming the digital marketing landscape. This shift signifies a move away from content primarily created by users and the dominance of large platforms, towards a blockchain-based, decentralized internet where users gain greater control and ownership of their data. In this emerging environment, marketing tactics are evolving to incorporate decentralized networks, artificial intelligence, and immersive experiences, which provide unmatched customization and interaction possibilities. As we transition into this new phase, platforms like Orbler are set to play a crucial role, capitalizing on the capabilities of Web 3.0 to revolutionize digital marketing.

Orbler Overview

Orbler distinguishes itself as an energetic Web3 marketing entity, adept at connecting Web2 users with its fresh methodology. Known for its diverse missions, varied staking options, and community-driven expansion tactics, Orbler acts as a cornerstone for Web3 community development, committed to fostering growth and increasing engagement. The platform excels in converting passive users into active members, cultivating a culture of ambition and achievement.

The journey of Orbler is mapped out in its roadmap, beginning in 2021 from Q2 to Q4, focusing on developing the game’s concept, design, and narrative, leading to the publication of its whitepaper, the launch of its official site, and establishing community channels.

During 2022, Orbler marked key achievements like conducting a private sale of its ORBR token, initiating closed alpha and beta tests of the Orbler game, listing ORBR on trading platforms, and finalizing numerous NFT designs, among others.

In the first half of 2023, Orbler integrated the ORBR Token Bridge linking Ethereum and Polygon, updated its whitepaper to version 3.0, and introduced additional functionalities like a quest system and leaderboard.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2023, Orbler plans to undergo rebranding, expand its team, debut a new landing page, and launch the Orbler app, demonstrating its ongoing dedication to innovation and community involvement.

Initially, Orbler gained attention as a real-time tower defense game on the blockchain, engaging players worldwide with its Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. The game was especially popular among dragon enthusiasts, offering the chance to battle and nurture NFT dragons, which players could enhance through combat and upgrades in an immersive P2E setting.

By November 2023, Orbler unveiled its latest app, introduced a staking feature, and established key partnerships. Preceding this, in September, the brand refreshed its image and introduced a new, more user-friendly landing page.

Orbler Tools

  1. Missions Interface: This distinct aspect allows initiatives to create engaging tasks and challenges. Participants interact with these ‘Missions’ to gain rewards, thereby boosting project participation and fostering community engagement.
  2. Digital Engagement Booster: Orbler enables Web3 initiatives to amplify their presence and interaction across various social media channels through enthralling digital experiences.
  3. Community Cultivation Resources: Orbler is dedicated to forming robust, engaged, and adventure-oriented communities, offering tools for members to unite, collaborate, and flourish collectively.
  4. Web3 Integration Capability: Embedded in the decentralized Web3 domain, Orbler ensures that both projects and users are equipped with the necessary resources for smooth integration and interaction within this digital landscape.
  5. Incentive Mechanism: A core component of the missions, allowing participants to accrue rewards, thus encouraging their active and sustained involvement.

How Does Orbler Work?

Community Management

Orbler stands as an innovator in the Web3 marketing domain, blending community interaction with incentive-driven missions. Users can easily engage by linking their Web3 wallets and social media profiles, embarking on missions to garner rewards. This integration provides a hassle-free experience, making participation open to all, enhancing involvement in preferred communities.

Creating a community page on Orbler is user-friendly, allowing users to establish a personalized area such as app.orbler.io/bitcoin, where team members can efficiently manage and interact within the community. The platform offers robust tools for community leaders to allocate roles and tasks, ranging from full administrative oversight to specific moderation duties, fostering a cooperative and productive community environment.


Orbler distinguishes itself with its mission creation capability, where community leaders can formulate tasks with tailored goals and incentives, boosting member participation and contributions. The platform also introduces Prime Orbs for users who invest ORBR Tokens, providing them with elite status that includes access to exclusive missions, an enhanced reward mechanism, and premium support. This enriches the community experience, offering a more engaging and fulfilling interaction.

Orbler’s system transcends basic progression; it embodies a dedication to acknowledging and appreciating both collective and individual community achievements. With distinct progression frameworks for users and communities alike, Orbler promotes a culture of growth, interaction, and teamwork, setting the stage for dynamic and engaged online communities.

Orbler Mechanisms

Orbler introduces unique features like “Proof of Contributed Stats” (POCS) and “Proof of Achievement” (PoA). POCS transparently displays user contributions, enabling the community to see and verify individual participation in missions and staking activities, which enhances trust and acknowledgement on the platform. Meanwhile, PoA instantly recognizes and validates user achievements. Upon completing missions or achieving certain milestones, users receive prompt notifications of their successes. These accomplishments are showcased on their personal Orbler dashboard, serving as a testament to their progress and acting as an incentive for ongoing engagement and development in the community.

Use Cases

Orbler, a Web3 marketing platform, presents multiple significant applications. It allows both individuals and organizations to establish and maintain their community pages, thereby nurturing interaction and growth among their target groups. The integration with Web3 wallets and social media streamlines the process for users to engage in different communities.

For those managing communities, Orbler provides comprehensive tools for effective team coordination and role distribution, making community administration more efficient. It also enables the design of tailored missions, encouraging active participation and reward acquisition, which boosts community engagement.

Additionally, Orbler features a unique incentive mechanism with its Prime Orbs. By staking ORBR tokens, users obtain a higher status, gaining access to enhanced features and insights for community leaders and participants alike. This includes exclusive missions, an improved reward structure, and prioritized support, enriching the overall user journey.

These applications underscore Orbler’s capacity to improve online community interaction and provide a gratifying experience for both community leaders and members in the dynamic Web3 environment.


Orbler is a dynamic Web3 marketing platform that bridges Web2 audiences. It features missions, staking, and community-driven growth strategies. The ORBR token is used for exclusive access to premium features on the Orbler Web3 Marketing Platform.

Orbler is used for a variety of purposes, including a missions platform for interactive tasks and challenges, enhancing social media engagement for Web3 projects, building strong communities, integrating seamlessly with Web3, and a rewards system for active and consistent participation.

ORBR tokens can be purchased on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gate.io, HTX, and CoinDCX.

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