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About District0x

District0x embodies a decentralized ecosystem operating on the Ethereum blockchain, comprising marketplaces and collectives known as “Districts”. The moniker “District0x” merges ‘District’, indicating the foundational marketplaces and communities, with ‘0x’, an Ethereum address identifier, highlighting the platform’s blockchain roots. This prefix ‘0x’ is commonplace in computer science, marking the start of hash values.

At its core, District0x aims to cultivate a robust network of marketplaces, akin to Uber or Airbnb, yet devoid of central economic control. It leverages innovative tools to synchronize the decision-making and incentives of its users, addressing the inefficiencies and coordination dilemmas prevalent in conventional community marketplaces. The vision of District0x is to foster a self-reliant economy that thrives independently of centralized governance.

Understanding District0x

The district0x network represents a consortium of decentralized, self-governing marketplaces and communities, termed districts, underpinned by the d0xINFRA framework, an open-source, distributed system energized by Ethereum smart contracts. It strives to sculpt a seamless, virtual economy where users can effortlessly engage in transactions, evaluate peers, and make purchasing decisions with a single click, propelling a dynamic, unrestricted marketplace enriched with entrepreneurial innovation.

At the heart of district0x is the meticulously crafted infrastructure featuring elements like the staking interface, which grants DNT token holders decisive control over districts through an Aragon-powered governance layer. The establishment of a district gives rise to an Aragon entity, facilitating interaction with this governance mechanism, where staking translates into voting rights within the district, effectively dismantling central market authorities without necessitating development expertise. This system is analogous to how WordPress operates for decentralized applications, with districts akin to WordPress themes and auxiliary modules as plugins enhancing functionality.

Acquiring less mainstream cryptocurrencies directly with fiat money can be challenging, yet district0x (DNT) is readily accessible on multiple exchanges using Ethereum or Bitcoin. Notably, platforms like Binance facilitate the trading of DNT. Various digital wallets, including MyEtherWallet, Coinbase, Blockchain, Exodus, and Trezor, support DNT storage.

Distinctively, district0x’s architecture and foundational philosophy set it apart, offering a fresh blueprint for economic structures. It embodies a staking mechanism, providing more than mere voting rights; it’s akin to mining proof-of-stake coins. Early backers can lock tokens to a district, influencing its governance. These staked DNT tokens yield not only governance power but also district-specific rewards, shaping a dynamic equity landscape in the district0x ecosystem.

Participation in district0x bestows users with DNT coins, empowering them to vote on district proposals and influence decisions within the network. This participatory model extends to various operational facets of each district, with governance rights detailed in their respective bylaws. Through the district0x platform, users can interact with district services or even initiate new districts, exemplified by Ethlance, the network’s inaugural district, where job postings and employment searches converge.

How Does District0x Work?

District0x operates through a ‘District Creation Platform,’ a streamlined interface that empowers developers to launch marketplaces or communities with ease. This platform offers customization of smart contract parameters, selection from various user interface (UI) designs, and integration of auxiliary modules or “plug-ins” that add specialized capabilities like search and filter functions, posting and listings, as well as ranking, reputation, and financial transactions.

Districts Registry

The process begins in the Districts Registry, a centralized hub on district0x where new districts are deployed and catalogued. The inclusion of a district in this registry is contingent upon a democratic voting process within the community.

For district creation, users need to commit DNT tokens, along with necessary resources like links, logos, and detailed descriptions, which include the governance and staking particulars. Once submitted, the district gains a spot on the registry and concurrently establishes an Aragon entity, thereby enabling users to obtain voting rights.

Ownership and staking of DNT tokens confer upon users the power to influence district evolution through voting, where the influence of each vote correlates with the user’s staked DNT amount.

After its establishment, a district is not immune to scrutiny within the ecosystem, it can be challenged by any district0x community member. Such challenges trigger a community-wide vote among DNT holders to decide whether the district should remain or be removed. If the latter, those who supported the challenge, including the initiator, are compensated in DNT tokens.

Benefits of District0x

District0x stands out in the cryptocurrency landscape, offering significant advantages. It functions as a non-custodial entity, enhancing user security by eliminating the need to transfer token ownership for participation in governance.

Censorship-Resistant: District0x’s architecture, rooted in decentralization, offers robust resistance to censorship and security breaches. This resilience is underpinned by the transparent and unalterable characteristics of the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a secure and open environment.

Adaptable: The platform’s versatility is another key benefit. As an open-source network, District0x can evolve to meet the dynamic demands of the blockchain ecosystem. This adaptability empowers developers to initiate new districts, tailoring smart contract parameters to their requirements. Moreover, the flexibility to select from various UI designs and integrate specific auxiliary modules enhances the customization of each decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) within the network.

The DNT Token and its Uses

DNT serves as the principal utility token of the district0x network, playing a critical role in network engagement and governance. Token holders can stake DNT to gain voting privileges, thereby actively influencing the development and deployment of the network’s districts.

At the inception of district0x, 1 billion DNT tokens were created. From this total, 600 million were allocated to early investors during the crowdsale. The company retains 180 million in reserve, while the founding team possesses 198 million. Additionally, a strategic provision of 22 million DNT is earmarked for community incentives, underlining the project’s commitment to rewarding active participation and fostering a collaborative ecosystem.


The district0x Project Team has unveiled an ambitious roadmap outlining their plans to revolutionize online marketplaces and communities through decentralization. The roadmap presents a clear vision of how the team intends to create a network that empowers users and puts them in control of their online experiences.

The journey begins with a strong foundation, marked by the release of the final draft of the district0x whitepaper, which has undergone thorough external audits to ensure the robustness of the district0x Contract. The release of White Paper v0.2 on July 17, 2017, demonstrates the team’s commitment to transparency and progress.

Moving forward, the district0x team will deploy their advanced infrastructure, d0xINFRA, and migrate their flagship project, Ethlance, to this powerful platform. Additionally, they are working on launching two innovative marketplaces, Name Bazaar and Meme Factory, showcasing the adaptability and potential of their technology.

Prior to opening the network for public contribution, the team will focus on expanding the district0x ecosystem by deploying five more districts and introducing governance and staking modules. These features will allow participants to actively engage in shaping the network’s future. The implementation of auxiliary modules will further enhance the functionality and customization options for each district.

As the contribution period commences, the district0x team will deploy the auxiliary module registry, the district creation platform, and the district0x Network registry. This significant milestone will mark a shift in the network’s operation, as token holders will gain the ability to govern and guide the platform’s direction.

The district0x Project Team is not merely developing a platform they are spearheading a movement that harnesses the power of blockchain technology and decentralization. By empowering individuals and communities to control their online experiences, district0x aims to transform the world through decentralized markets, inviting everyone to join them on this groundbreaking journey.


The district0x network can be used to build all kinds of decentralized marketplaces and communities focused on topics like finance, art, publishing, and more. Some early districts built include Name Bazaar for Ethereum domain names and Ethlance for job boards.

You can purchase DNT, the native token that powers District0x, on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and KuCoin. Check CoinMarketCap’s DNT markets page for a full list.

As with any cryptocurrency, it’s important to store DNT securely. Some good options are hardware wallets like Ledger or non-custodial cold wallets like IronWallet. IronWallet is a non-custodial mobile wallet that gives you full control of your private keys while still being easy to use.

A key differentiator of District0x is its focus on community governance. Districts on the network are operated by groups of token holders who can vote on key decisions like design changes and which Ethereum smart contracts to deploy. This governance model aligns well with many online communities.

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