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About Beldex

Beldex is a privacy-focused blockchain platform and cryptocurrency project. It utilizes multiple leading-edge technologies to enable private, untraceable, and secure transactions. The Beldex network is powered by its native BDX coin.

Privacy Focus of Beldex

Unlike public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Beldex leverages several innovations to ensure full transactional privacy. It aims to bring private payments to the decentralized web. Key privacy features include:

  • Zero-linkable anonymous transactions – Beldex uses one-time stealth addresses and ring signatures to obscure sender and receiver identities.
  • End-to-end encryption – All communications are encrypted to prevent third parties from accessing transaction details or metadata.
  • No IP association – Peer connections, traffic, and IP addresses are obfuscated to prevent network analysis attacks.

These capabilities allow Beldex to offer true transaction anonymity and prevent user identities from being uncovered through data analysis.

Beldex Protocol Overview

Beldex operates as a decentralized proof-of-work blockchain using an improved version of the CryptoNote protocol. It utilizes equal mining and egalitarian proof-of-work to promote fair distribution and avoid mining centralization.

The Beldex network uniquely has no block size or block time limits. It instead uses dynamic blocks that scale in size to match network demand. This prevents backlogs and ensures fast transactions.

Features of Beldex Network

In addition to its privacy foundations, key features of the Beldex network include:

  • Untraceable payments – Beldex leverages ring signatures, stealth addresses, and randomized transaction IDs for untraceable payments.
  • Secure messaging – Encrypted peer-to-peer messaging allows for private communications.
  • Atomic swaps – Trustless token exchanges between participants without relying on a third party.
  • Tor integration – Onion routing further enhances privacy and ant-censorship protections.
  • Secure staking – The protocol facilitates private, trustless staking through master nodes.

Consensus Mechanism

Beldex utilizes a unique proof-of-work mining algorithm called Cryptonight Heavy. It is designed to be ASIC-resistant to promote decentralized mining. The algorithm dynamically adjusts difficulty to maintain block intervals of approximately one minute.

Beldex also incorporates master nodes that enable trustless staking. Nodes are required to collateralize 1500 BDX which gives them voting rights and a share of transaction fees.

Beldex Wallet and dApps

The Beldex team builds an integrated wallet that serves as an access point for the Beldex network. The multi-currency wallet supports Beldex, Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies. An API also enables developers to build privacy-focused dApps on Beldex.

Existing dApps include DEXCHANGE, a decentralized exchange supporting atomic swaps. BelNet provides decentralized, encrypted communications integrated into the wallet.

Staking on Beldex

The Beldex wallet allows users to stake their BDX holdings in master nodes ordelegate to nodes to earn rewards. Master nodes receive 25% of block rewards along with 25% of transaction fees.

Delegates can share in master node earnings by staking to nodes instead of setting up their own. This opens up staking returns even with smaller balances. In turn, staking provides network security.

BDX Token Utility

The native BDX coin serves several purposes:

  • Transaction medium – BDX powers private payments and transactions on the Beldex blockchain.
  • Staking – BDX is required for setting up masternodes or delegating stake to nodes.
  • Fees – Network fees are paid in BDX. Fees are distributed to nodes and miners.
  • Governance – BDX holders can vote on project proposals and other governance matters related to Beldex.

Use Cases

Beldex provides a much needed layer of privacy not found on public blockchains. Potential use cases include:

  • Private money – Daily transactions like payments and remittances can be hidden from surveillance.
  • Darknet markets – Illicit marketplaces require anonymous transactions, previously fulfilled by privacy coins.
  • Wealth protection – Shielding wealth from authoritarian seizure by making funds untraceable.
  • Whistleblowers – Anonymous tips by whistleblowers to protect their safety and avoid retaliation.

Future Outlook for Beldex

Beldex brings technology like ring signatures and stealth addresses to a decentralized setting, a novel development in the privacy coin landscape. Its anti-censorship capabilities provide necessary anonymity to users facing surveillance or oppression.

As demand grows for privacy, Beldex is positioned as an accessible and decentralized solution compared to alternatives like Monero. With continued technical innovation and growing adoption, Beldex aims to be a leader in next-generation privacy blockchains bringing private transactions mainstream.


Beldex (BDX) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses Ring Confidential Transactions and stealth addresses to obfuscate transaction details. It aims to improve on the privacy limitations of coins like Bitcoin.

Beldex was founded in 2018 by a group of cryptography and privacy enthusiasts. They remain pseudo-anonymous and there is not much public information about the founders.

Beldex operates on a proof-of-work model similar to Bitcoin but uses the Cryptonight algorithm rather than SHA-256. Transactions are confirmed by miners in return for BDX rewards. The privacy features come from ring signatures and stealth addresses.

Beldex aims to be used as an untraceable payment method for daily transactions. The enhanced privacy is designed to avoid tracking and surveillance. It could be used for both legal and illicit purposes.

Beldex can be purchased on decentralized exchanges like Stex, Crex24, and Graviex. It is not available on many major centralized exchanges yet.

Beldex distinguishes itself from other privacy coins by having mandatory privacy features baked into transactions. This avoids optional privacy as a red flag. The team also claims superior scalability and faster transactions than alternatives like Monero.

Yes, Beldex can be mined just like Bitcoin. Home PC mining is unlikely to be profitable anymore for Beldex. Joining a mining pool may be better.

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